GF’s top fall looks

Fall is absolutely my favorite time of the year for fashion. For some reason, the spring fashions just don’t ‘pop’ for me the way the offerings for fall do. I also believe fall is a time for transition, so it’s a great time to clean out any clutter and make room for something new. Here are my top looks for the fall season:

1. Framed handbags! I love the structured look of these bags. They are feminine, yet large enough to carry all of your essentials. One of my favorites is the Ellen Tracy top handle bag- it comes in black, coco, and midnight.

2. Ankle boots- quite honestly there is nothing new under the fashion sun. Ankle boots have made several comebacks, and this fall is no exception. Look for a slimmer heel, versus the square, chunky looks that have been popular in past seasons.

3. Mary Janes- I have ALWAYS loved the look of these shoes- Zappos has several offerings- check out there website for some of this falls looks.

  • Zappos
  • 4. Finger Waves- yes honey- finger waves are back! My eye to the streets has definitely seen a resurgence in this retro look, and my girls from the hood are rocking it like NO ONE can. However, please do not let me catch you with your hair plastered down to your head with curls that look like they could repel bullets. No, this seasons finger waves are soft and can be worn with a long pony tail- weave it if you can’t achieve it or a school teacher bun.

    5. Belts- this seasons belts are wider and are a nice exclamation point to a simple outfit- my must have belt colors for fall are red, and black.

    6. Red lipstick- you will definitely need to spend some time looking for a shade that’s perfect for you. Once you find your signature color, make sure the rest of your make up is understated- try a neutral eyeshadow, with blackest-black mascara, or go for a more retro glam look with black liquid liner. DO NOT wear a whole lot of other make up with red lipstick, because Universoul Circus will be looking for you if you do!

    7. leggings- this 80’s look could be seen at all of the run ways this fall. If you are a sister with a lot of Africa in your hips and booty- like me! Consider pairing the look with a long tunic or even a dress- let your mirror, or a very honest girl friend be your judge.

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