Spike told the truth!

On this anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, I think it is important to pause and reflect on how far we have NOT come. I’m not speaking about the debris that still clutters the lower Ninth ward, nor am I referring to the fact that the levees have not been fully repaired to the point where they can withstand even a category 3 storm. No, what I am referring to is the blatantly evident fact that black people in America can be referred to as ‘refugees’ in 2006! I watched Brian Williams report of last years’ hurricane coverage with what could only be described as disgust. I could not believe his constant references to things that he would do when he got back home! What was so troubling about this comment was that he was not simply referring to the abode that he pays taxes on. No, old boy was referencing his return trip to the states. Now I know this footage is over a year old, but this fact did not minimize the impact of his words. Not only were blacks in America being referred to as refugees, here is a nationally acclaimed reporter who has so completely disassociated himself from the effects of the hurricane that he even thinks he’s in another country. Now that’s deep y’all. I honor Spike Lee for his ‘requiem’- When the Levees Broke, detailing the events of hurricane Katrina. I love the fact that he uncovered the stories that mainstream media steered clear of, but most importantly he told OUR story with compassion, integrity and truth.

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