I’m Feeling Crabby

The GF is a B-more girl through and through, and there is nothing that a true Marylander loves more during the summer months than eating some of the Chesapeake Bay’s finest crabs. Well with all of my travel this summer (mostly for work) I had not had the opportunity to partake in one of my favorite summer past times- eating MD crabs. Well this past weekend, the GF satisfied her crab jones by going to Bills Terrace Inn in Essex, MD. This place is a serious hole in the wall, but let me tell you, the crabs come close to a religious experience. Seriously, I’m catching feelings right now as I re-live the nirvana that is Mr. Bills!

I made a point of reviewing the top list of all of MD’s “Best” Crabs last year and made my way through the majority of the list; however Mr. Bills is consistent, the crabs are meaty and sweet, and you forget how much a dump the restaurant is as soon as that tray of crabs is bought to your table. Another one of my favs for Mr. Bills is their steamed shrimp that are paired with onion, and I’m convinced they cook the shrimp in beer.

If your summer travels bring you anywhere near b-more, make a pit-stop in Essex and check out Mr. Bills.

Here is a complete list of the Top Ten Crabs in Baltimore. (which originally appeared on AOL city Guide)


1.Jimmys Seafood
6526 Holabird Ave
Baltimore, MD 21224

2.Costas Inn
Year-round bounty

3.Bill’s Terrace Inn
200 Eastern Boulevard
Essex, MD 21221

Meaty marvels

4.Seaside Restaurant & Crab House
Glen Burnie
For whacking and picking

5.Bo Brooks
Waterside spot

Fells Point
City staple

7.Schultz’s Crabhouse and Lounge
Hard-shell haven

8.Captain James Landing
Fells Point
Crab deck for crackin’

9.Gaffney’s Back Fin
Lots of claws

10.L.P. Steamers
Locust Point
Three levels for steamed crabs


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