"Say no to the ‘fro"

Glamour magazine has proven yet again that black beauty is totally misunderstood by mainstream culture. The popular magazine that is well known for their do’s and dont’s has recently come under fire because an associate editor- Ashley Baker claimed that natural hair was a big DON’T for black women. Ms. Baker has subsequently resigned from the magazine; In spite of the resignation I won’t be picking up the magazine when I dash through the airport and need some light reading for my next flight. Instead, I will stick to the tried but true Essence Magazine- “Where Black Women (and their hair) Come First”

photo courtesy of ABC news

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  1. I was outraged when i heard the comment over the radio i felt as though black natrul beauty wasn't good enough for white people and they are trying to make us change to fit into there communiy well excuss my french but fuck them i love my fro and i don't give a shit if they can't exept it !!!!

  2. You know what's worse than not being accepted by White culture? It's black folk that mistakenly give into the hype that light is right, and natural is a definite no,no. I am a respector of all shades of black beauty from the halle's and beyonce's of the world to Alec Wek everything in between. People tend to dislike what they don't understand.

  3. pretty kitty publish says:

    After the infamous Don Imus comments, I am surprised this staffer did not think twice. But what about the editors that let the pronouncement against the "fro" go forward? Should they loose their jobs, too?I am concerned about the corporatization of fashion. The tendency is for sleek, straight and blond to rule over kinky, dark and curly. What if we let our hair go natural and let that be the standard for beauty? How would the world respond?

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