Bless These Tresses

Many of the GF’s readers know that I was in a serious conundrum over what to do with my hair for the summer. Upcoming vacations, combined with serious cardio workouts were leaving me feeling not so fly in the hair department.

I sent out an SOS and one of the responses I received was from African Pride. Just to give you some background- I was going to the Dominican salons twice weekly for blowouts, and my crowning glory was definitely manifesting the ill effects from the blow dryer heat.

I decided to braid my hair in individual braids, mixing #27 and #4 wet and wavy hair. Before getting my braids, I washed and conditioned with African Pride Healing Shampoo and Herbal Leave in conditioner. The conditioner promises to “heal damaged and brutalized hair” and the combination of the two products have done wonders for my mane!!

My hubby who has locs also loves both products and I am looking forward to trying the Deep Conditioning relaxer once I remove my braids.

Please visit African Pride for more product details.

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