Michelle Obama- DNC

The next first lady of the US has spoken, and girlfriend captivated millions as she opened the Democratic National Convention. I often say that Hillary Clinton has already been president… when Bill was in office. Now its Michelle’s turn to take the reigns. Believe me being the first lady to our Commander-in-Chief brings new meaning to the expression “pillow talk”.

The Kennedy’s have passed the baton to the Obama family and unlike many of our US relay teams during the 2008 Olympics, she did not fumble.

Michelle took hold of that baton seamlessly and she was absolutely flawless in a turquoise, 50’s-inspired, sheath dress reportedly by Chicago-based designer, Maria Pinto.

The next First lady was eloquent, inspiring, and even bought a tear to the GF’s eye.

Kudos to my beloved sorority- Alpha Kappa Alpha for selecting Michelle as an honorary AKA during our recent Centennial celebration.

And to all the naysayers that read this blog- Y’all ain’t ready for Michelle!!!

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