Style Item of the Week- Big Girl Cosmetics Diva Gloss

by Lisa

The GF firmly believes every woman should have signature pieces both in her wardrobe and as part of her makeup regime that make those who know and love her say, yes, that looks like YOU. I rarely cross the threshold of my front door without mascara, a little powder and my signature gloss – everyone who knows me well knows of my affinity for pink, almost nude lips that pop.

I am always on the hunt for the “perfect” glosses here are a few things I consider before making a purchase:

• No stickiness! I hate it when my hair gets stuck in my lips because of overly sticky lip-gloss formulas

• Moisturizing- I love a product that serves double duty- offering up a powerful punch of color, while keeping my lips kissable and soft

• Color- unfortunately, I am a creature of habit and I inevitably opt for a pink nude, or sheer brown hue. Though there are many options that fit these criteria, I’m always looking for something that adds a bit of sparkle to my sheer lips

Big Girl Cosmetics Diva gloss hits all of my criteria- Here’s a bit about the product from the site: Diva Gloss for the Diva in You! When only the best will pass the test. We’ve paired high shine and great shades to create the ultimate lip gloss. This is the ultra-brilliant formula that delivers transparent shine, sensuous shimmer, and sumptuous shades.

I received a sample of the Berry Diva and I absolutely fell in love… the Diva gloss is currently on sale for $10! Visit Big Girl Cosmetics to order yours today.


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