Style Item of the Week- The EdgeStick

I am pretty much hopeless when it comes to doing my own hair… granted, I can follow the basic guidelines of wrapping, or pin curling, post professional styling but when it comes to taming my hair from frizzy to fab? Let’s just say it’s not of my core competencies. As a result of my undeniable ineptitude at styling my own hair I am always on the hunt for products that make hair maintenance relatively simple.

I relax my hair. However I do my best to stretch out the time between getting a relaxer and typically try to go at least 10 weeks between relaxers.

When I was first introduced to the EdgeStick, I admittedly had reservations. Any girl who has spent Saturday afternoons getting her ‘kitchen’ straightened by grandma’s hot comb understands the apprehension of trying to straighten her own hair… this is why the edge stick is so incredible because it is virtually impossible to burn yourself. The unique design includes a comb covering a heated unit which will allow you to straighten your edges without worrying about burning your skin.

Features of the EdgeStick™

•Rapidly heats and maintains desired styling temperature with memory heat setting.

•Digital readout indicates desired temperature readiness and temperature setting.

•Swivel cord remains tangle-free during use at any angle or position.

•Heat resistant carrying case fits neatly in a purse or gym bag.

The EdgeStick is suitable for all hair types and retails for $69.00-$79.00  however if you purchase through this  link, Ghetto Fashionista readers can  get 20% off!

Check out the video!

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