Kooey of Australia- Miami Swim 2012

The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week- Miami Swim took place July 14th– 19th and the Raleigh Hotel was the center of the fashion tents for the sultry Swim Week presentations.  I had a chance to take in several shows; however one of my hands down favorite collections was Kooey of Australia.

The inspiration for the range was birds of a feather paying homage to  co-designers Nikki Silverthorne and Charlene Harmer the collection reflects the wide range of birds indigenous to their native Australia.  The swimwear ranged from neutrals to vibrant blue and purple mixes as a reflection of the over 800 species of birds that call the land down under home.  Another reason Kooey ranks high on my list of favorite presentations is because the collection is designed with every body type in mind and ranges from XS-XL so luxury-sized women can comfortably shop for suits that hug their curves.

I also loved the flowing fabrics of the resort collection. Many of the PR reps were rocking Kooey resort wear as they were checking show attendees in for the presentation and my love affair for the flowing cover-ups began while I was waiting for my seat assignment.

Here’s a peek of my favorite looks:

photo credit: Sherrie Wood, Glam Collective


  1. Sherrie says:

    The collection was amazing!

  2. I also went to the Miami Swim Show and I saw your booth, first of all I want to tell you that I think your booth was the best of all, it was really onigiral and second I will like to tell you that I had de opportunity to see your swim trunks and they were absolutly perfect I enjoy the color but specially the fabrics!!!Congrats

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