Lia Sophia- Red Carpet Collection

Whatever comes to mind when you think of Lia Sophia jewelry is probably way off base compared to the fabulousness of their newest red carpet collection.  I took a moment out from my frenzied NY Fashion Week schedule to stop by the Social Fashion Suite hosted by Lia Sophia and I fell in deep love with the Boudika collection designed by Dani Stahl. 

The collection runs the gamut from chunky on trend cuff bracelets made from lapis and black diamond crystals, to beautiful matte gold necklaces and rings in white resin pearls.

Each piece in the collection makes a unique statement and provides the perfect exclamation point to any fashionistas ensemble.


For more details on the red carpet collection visit the website:



Pearl cage cuff with resin pearls $300


Rings range from $125-$175


bracelets range from $275-$375








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