NYFW Rolando Santana SS 2012

The line of fashionistas wrapped around the block waiting to check in at Exit Art should have been an indication of how incredible the Rolando Santana collection promised to be; though much of the buzz surrounding the SS 2012 collection could be attributed to the designers’ collaboration with Manolo Blahnik, who supplied the shoes for the runway.

From the moment the show opened with the first vintage white dress floating down the runway I knew I was in for a treat.   The collection included a mix of vintage inspired looks with figure-conscious sheath dresses, silver beads and sequins that offered a nod to the roaring 20’s and gorgeous cocktail length dresses which drew inspiration from the 50’s.

The opposite end of the spectrum the collection featured a silver jumpsuit complete with silver sequins and diaphanous sheer details.  There was also what can only be described as sweater twin sets including cardigans and tanks over fitted skirts.












photo credit: Sherrie Wood, @GlamCollective


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