Are you a DIY Fashionista? Enter to the win the first Today Show DIY contest!

Beginning Monday, October 24th, the Today show will launch its first ever DIY Style Week and contest.   I am a huge fan of Today Show editor Bobbie Thomas and her unique way of taking simple items and turning them into fashionable pieces that are on trend.  Next week will feature tutorials from a host of crafty fashionistas/os including:

  • Monday: Bobbie Thomas, TODAY style editor. See how to make foiled fashion
  • Tuesday:  Eric Domesek, PS I Made This.  Learn how to make an iPad cover
  • Wednesday: Geneva Vanderzeil, A Pair and A Spare.  Find out the simple steps for making a scarf watch
  • Thursday: Kristen Turner, Glitter ‘n Glue.  Get the scoop on how to make a faux fur collar
  • Friday: Jenni Radosevich, I Spy DIY.  See the simple steps for making rhinestone earrings


 In addition to watching industry insiders craft ordinary into extraordinary, you will also have an opportunity to highlight your own talent!

Visit for details on how YOU can submit your own accessory or fashion project.  Bobbie Thomas will pick one lucky winner to be featured in a post on in addition to wining a prize pack of Bobbie’s favs.

Join the conversation by using the #DIYWeekTODAY hashtag


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