Curvy Fashionistas Host NYC Shop and Swap 5/1

Some of the websphere’s most fashionable (and popular) curvy bloggers will be hosting a swap and shop for curvy fashionistas ranging from sizes 10 and up.


The Shop & Swap was created by curvy style blogger Kellie Brown- and will be hosted by fellow curvy stylistas Gabi Gregg, Nicolette Mason, Nadia Aboulhosn and one of my personal favorites Ty Alexander, EIC of Each of these fashionistas has a unique, aspirational sense of style and break the mold of the misconception that fashion is limited to a size 0.

Here’s a pic of Ty Alexander, of Gorgeous in Grey in one of her always well-styled ensembles and a link to the post where she speaks about the event.


Ty, EIC Gorgeous In Grey

In addition to the hosts offering up coveted pieces from their own wardrobes, plus size retail brands Lane Bryant, Kmart//LYS, Simply Be USA will also be on hand to offer a sneak peak into their latest collections.


The event is open to the public so grab a few of your girls and be prepared to shop (and swap)  till you drop!


WHEN: 6-9PM Tuesday May 1, 2012


WHERE: Tammany Hall – 152 Orchard Street NY, NY 10002


WHY: Because fashion belongs to every*body* ™ – Fatshion Insider







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