Style Item(s) of the Week- TLC For Your Feet

As the first signs of spring begin to make an appearance and the temperatures begin to soar, inevitably more skin will be revealed.  Let me pause at this point to make a public service announcement- please do not don your open-toe shoes before giving your feet a little attention- whether you break out the ped-egg, or visit your local nail shop, I implore you to handle your business as far as your feet are concerned before you bare all for the world to see.


Here are some of my favorite low cost beauty finds to prepare your feet for wearing your favorite sandals:


Palmers Gel Radiance-  $9.00 consider this product to be cocoa butter the remix. The gel name in the title is a little deceptive, because this product is a bit on the oily side, but trust me when I tell you that your feet will shout with praise once you moisturize them with gel radiance.  One word of caution- you may want to apply this at least 10 minutes before you leave the house; because of the concentration of oil, you may find yourself sliding around in your sandals if you put them on too soon.


Palmer's Gel Radiance


Avon foot soak-  $3.99 If you are skipping the nail salon and opting to give yourself an at home pedicure, the Avon foot soak and scrub is an awesome way to both gently exfoliate and soften the skin of your feet.


Avon foot soak and exfoliant


Avon cracked heel cream- $3.99 this product is for those with serious cracked heel issues, although it will also work for those of us with moderate issues as well. The cracked heel contains lidocaine, which provides soothing relief for pain as a result of cracked heels.

Avon Cracked Heel Cream


Microplane foot paddle-  $19.50 the first time I went to the nail salon and my nail tech broke out this paddle I almost snatched it out of her hand in order to get a better look.  With just a few gentle strokes the skin on my feet was as smooth as a babies bottom.



Microplane foot file

I promise your feet will thank you for the little extra bit of preparation before they make their debut.





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