HSN Pin to Win $1000!


Last year during fashion week, one of the many events I attended continuously sang the praises of something called Pinterest- I listened with mild interest and thought here we go with yet another form of social media to become slightly addicted to.   I tucked the information about the platform away and planned to download it once the  dust of fashion week settled. Well fast forward a year and I can tell you I am utterly obsessed with Pinterest- with everything from amazingly photographed food and recipes to gorgeous rooms that provide decorating inspiration I am an avid “pinner”.  Well, if you are as obsessed with pinterest as I am, HSN is offering an opportunity to win $1000 shopping spree simply by creating a board featuring fall fashion that inspires YOU.   Style icon June Ambrose will serve as a judge!!


Here are the rules:


  1. Follow HSN on Pinterest
  2. Create a look using 10 items from The Ultimate Trunk Show
  3. Use a description of your board that talks about your fall choices
  4. Tag your board using #HSN and #FallFashion
  5. Complete an entry form between September 10th 17th


Good luck,



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  1. Ezio
    May 2, 2014 at 9:31 am (4 years ago)

    Hi dear Ewa 🙂 here in Portugal we’ve had mostly sunny days. a litlte bit of rain too but not too much. I live up North, the weather is cooler, although we also had pretty hot days. so I guess it has been a messy Summer. every time I go out to photograph I get sunburned but I don’t find the sun that hot around here. did you see that you can also tweet about ‘Earth Wonders’? I’ll feature a blog that tweet about their entry on #earthwonderschallenge (and no one did yet 😉 have a great weekend. hope it’s sunny. xoxo

    • Angela
      May 22, 2014 at 4:06 am (4 years ago)

      as to your questions. I nethier pin or tweet. If pinning it on your wall leads to my own blog I don t mind. But find it not neccessary. I m blogging that s what I do. And am trying some artwork and want tha to be only mine. I have facebook but use it only to keep track of my granddaughter on Hawaii. You too have a blue spring flower, I love them both. Yours and mine. 🙂

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