Candice Denise Shares Her Secrets to Fabulous Brows in Five Easy Steps!

Client contoured using the Candice Denise Brow Beauty technique

I’m not sure where the trend of uber-contoured eyebrows began (RuPaul’s Drag Race perhaps?)  But suffice it to say that the current trend in make up is a more sculpted look for brows.  I am a huge fan of the look when it’s done correctly, but trust me when I tell you, if you square your brows off, or go too dark on the pencil or shadow used, people will begin looking for an Adam’s apple.   One of my favorite techniques for brow contouring is something that has caused Candice Denise of Brow Beauty  recognition for her technique.  She is featured in the November issue of Essence Magazine because of her ability to wow the magazine editors with her contouring expertise.    Her secret is quite simply wetting the angled brush she uses for both applying the shadow as well as the foundation.

Here’s a step-by-step overview of the Candice Denise Brow- Beauty Technique

Step 1: Use an angular brush, wet it with water and dip it into brown eye shadow. Softly start to fill in the brow and fill until it is filled to your liking

Step 2: Take an eye shadow brush, wet it with water, thin it out like a paintbrush and dab in foundation*

Step 3: Take the brush and follow the arch underneath using it as a way to clean up the brow and highlight the arch

Step 4: Any excess foundation* can be pulled down as eye shadow

Step 5: Fabulous Brows!!

*please note concealer can also be used

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