Remembering Earleane Gill and Shopping the Cure

I lost my beloved god mother to breast cancer. She was a rock to many and even now as I create this post, thoughts of her immediately bring a smile to my face. I still remember the day she called to inform me  the disease had impacted her and she could hear the tears in my voice as I cried uncontrollably once she delivered the news. The immediate response was why was this happening to her and in her usual fashion she was comforting me when I was supposed to be a rock for her. She fought an incredible 7 year battle with grace, courage and dignity. During this month dedicated to breast cancer awareness I always pause to honor the great and dynamic woman Earleane Gill was as she continues to inspire me daily.

Please visit for more details about how you can develop your own  early detection strategy, and just improve you overall awareness of the disease.

Finally, here are some of items that will allow you to shop the cure:


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