Finally a BB Cream for Brown Girls

If you consider yourself a beauty girl, no doubt you have been impacted by the tremendous amount of buzz around BB Creams. Originally made popular in Asia, the product hovers somewhere between primer, skin care and a light foundation.

What IS a BB Cream-? Traditionally the term BB Cream refers to blemish balm cream with a focus on evening out skin imperfections. The product was made popular in Korea where women were interested in creating a more porcelain finish to their skin. Just about every major beauty brand has a BB cream- from MAC to Maybelline however, if you are a woman of color you probably have noticed that the selection of colors that map to your skin tone are incredibly limited.

Iman Cosmetics to Launch a BB Cream Brown girls can finally join in on the BB cream hype because model, turned lifestyle and cosmetics mogul Iman has developed a line of BB creams that finally take women who’s skin tone moves beyond medium into consideration. The line that is slated to launch in December will reportedly retail for $20.






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