I woke up this morning with pitch perfect clarity about the heavy burdens I have been carrying around of late. I recognized that I have entirely too much on my plate, or as my mother often likes to say- I am burning the candle at both ends. I have been so busy doing things that I thought I was supposed to do, that the things that have previously nourished, energized and provided me with an overall sense of wholeness and well-being have been neglected.

 I realize that I am responsible for clearing my plate of things that don’t facilitate my growth or honor me in getting steps closer to my destiny. So on today- I am thankful for strength, courage and wisdom and just like we clear the table at the end of a sustaining meal, I will be emptying my plate of the things that are unfulfilling or keeping me off the path of my divine trajectory.

As we move into the season of giving thanks, I encourage you to recognize there are moments in life you can never get back- restore your self often and spend quality time with the people in your life who nourish, encourage and celebrate you.


  1. Denise McCray says:

    Lisa I am Thankful for you and your transparency! I enjoyed our conversation on Tuesday and know that you have freed so many others by your being YOU!

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