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Jewel Candy

Jewel Candy

Much of the country is gripped by a Polar Vortex, which essentially means that a large portion of the US (roughly 26 states) are experiencing wind chills and extremely cold temperatures.   Well, if you reside in one of the states that have been gripped by arctic wind, here’s a bit of retail therapy to warm you up.


My Jewel Candy has been featured in People, US Weekly and In Style and they offer amazing statement necklaces, rings and other delectable items at affordable costs.


Log into http://www.myjewelcandy.com and enter Cold20 at check out to enjoy 20% savings on your order your Jewel Candy today!


  1. oh my goodness how extciing!!! I fly out in 3 weeks!!! How long are you staying????? Gosh not to sound like a stalker but I am a big fan…it would be cool to meet up if you have any free time while youre there!!! I have no idea where to shop but I am so keen!!!Mele xofalalamele.blogspot.com

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