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I recently had a conversation with a dear friend who posed the question whether men should receive Valentine’s gifts. Relationships require care, nurturing and 50-50 gift giving; so as a result of that conversation, I decided to dedicate my gift guide to men. I asked a few of my trusted male friends what ideal gifts would be for them and quite frankly I was surprised at how selfless their responses were. Timepieces were mentioned frequently, however most wanted gifts they could share with the woman in their lives.

Ultimately, men want some of the same things we want- an assurance that we pay close attention to the small details of the things they like with hopes that we would buy gifts accordingly.

I hope this gift provides a bit of inspiration for your Love Day.

It’s all in the details:

On my wish list would be: a gift that the giver knows means a lot to me. Small things- cologne, treat to grooming/(hair-cut/manicure), treat to favorite restaraunt {ruth chris}, a nice cigar, bottle of fav(orite)liquor. Thoughtful things that someone has paid attention to that matter to me. Men deserve valentine’s day gifts too because the holiday is about love. Being in love, being loved – which goes both ways. Men deserve to know that they are loved just as much as women do.”

Carl H, Music Publishing Exec, 43

Something for her for me:

Something for her for me. Like a couples spa session where she reveals custom Soma or La Perla undies with a special message for me”

Russell C, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

The effort is greater than the gift:

” I think men deserve vday gifts simply because we too enjoy knowing that we are appreciated for what we bring to the table. I think everyone notes the effort that their lover puts forth to show their love.
So does the gift matter or the effort that’s put forth? I think it depends…
1. A massage by her
2. Sports tickets to a game that we both can enjoy
3. A charitable gift that involves both us giving back.
4. A watch or footwear.

This gives her the option to give him (1) romantic time with her alone, (2) date night (3) a moment that they can both give back (4) or lastly something materialistic.”

Nick T, Supply Analyst, 20 something

I don’t expect much:

“I’m a very simple man and Valentines Day has never held a lot of weight in my eyes. I celebrate Valentine’s Day because I know its important to my mate. I typically don’t expect much. However, If I needed to compile a list of prospective gifts, it would look like this.
Watch /Vintage Timepieces
Vinyl music of my favorite band or musician.
Shoes >> probably not sneakers.
Shirts w/ties ….maybe casual Polo’s. Cologne gift sets
Sporting events tickets / Team Apparel etc”

Jay F, Sales rep, 31

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