Because I’m Happy- #HappinessHappens Day

Me in Tulum,MX

Me in Tulum,MX

Eternal optimism is one of my character traits. I firmly believe in the power of you think, therefore you are; with this philosophy firmly entrenched in the way I go about my day to day existence I recognize that happiness and joy are both done on purpose. I believe in the power of saying good morning, recognizing beauty in people, places and things and quite simply smiling as part of a greeting in my basic human interactions. If you would like to join me in being happy on purpose- post a picture of yourself creating happiness for someone else. In honor of #HappinessHappens Day, Homegoods  will give away over $10,000 in gift cards on August 8th.

Simply upload a picture via Instagram or twitter where you created a moment of happiness in someone else’s life and you could win a $100 gift card. Use the hashtags #HappinessHappens and #HomeGoodsSweeps- winners will be randomly selected.



Be Happy,
The GF

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