Holiday Staycation: Bingeworthy TV


Netflix homescreen

Netflix homescreen

The holidays are upon us and perhaps you have some long overdue stay-cation plans. I for one intend to  make good use of the multiple streaming services I have available including Netflix and Amazon video all while giving new meaning to sofa surfing. Here’s my list of binge-worthy shows to make your season bright.

A Different World-Netflix
Let me just be honest. I chose to attend an HBCU ( historically black college/university) because of the fictional Hilman college- the school featured on this Cosby Show spinoff. Because I came of age during the time the show originally aired, I was completely surprised at the amount of millennials unfamiliar with what I consider to be a classic. Several well-known actors walked the fictional Hilman campus including Halle Berry and Marisa Tomei. I loved everything about the story lines especially the later episodes directed by Debbie Allen as she tackled issues from an HIV positive student to domestic abuse on campus. If you were a fan of the show the holiday season is a great way to revisit it, if you are new to it, be prepared to take a pretty realistic glimpse into life on a black college campus.

Greys Anatomy- Netflix
Shonda Rhimes is a talented goddess who has us hooked on Thursday nights like a sale on Celine bags. There is much attention paid to her show Scandal and though I love Kerry Washington with her lip-quiver and enviable collection of Prada bags, it is Greys Anatomy that continues to win my heart. The show does an amazing job of ripping stories from the headlines and presenting them in such a way that is filled with humanity that I cry just about every episode. Grab your tissue and prepare to be hooked on this series currently in season 11.

flesh and bone- Starz
This show is Black Swan meets Flowers In The Attic with lots of twisted darkness and great choreography thrown in for good measure. The first episode opens with Claire Robbins leaving her Polish Hill, Pittsburg neighborhood to audition for the American Ballet Company In NYC- she wins acceptance into the company and as the first season progresses we learn more about the past of this gorgeous ballerina with a dark past. Follow the adventures of the dancers of ABC as they navigate grueling dance rehearsals, compete for prima and navigate life in the Big City of dreams.

Narcos quite frankly is one of the best interpretations of the life of Pablo Escobar that I’ve seen. The show follows the infamous drug lord and the DEA agents charged with bringing down his cartel from Medillin to Miami and everywhere in between. The show can be brutal, but alas the graphic nature makes it that much more realistic. The show has just been renewed for a second season so grab the remote, settle in with your popcorn and wine and catch up on this great series.
Entourage- Amazon Video
I was a huge fan of the HBO series which showcases a group of friends from Queens, NY who transplant to Los Angeles after one of them- Vincebt Chase makes it to the big screen after being discovered in of all things a Mentos commercial. Mark Wahlberg serves as one of the executive producers of the show and is loosely based on his career. The series is humorous, with lots of eye candy with Adrien Grenier in the lead. Sit back and relax and watch the boys from Queens make a name for themselves on the Left Coast.

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