Homemade Beauty

Beauty regimes are quite a personal affair and if you’re lucky some of your beauty routines have been passed down from a generation of mothers, sisters or aunties. I can remember sitting in my grandmothers kitchen with some mysterious “conditioner ” mix that included mayonnaise when I was a child. Needles to say I had a head full of soft and manageable hair as a result!  
Here are 5 uses of household items that can help you achieve maximum  beauty results without breaking the bank:

When  life gives you lemons

Lemons have the power to lighten your hair when activated by the sun. Sure the beach days of summer are coming to a close but if you are looking for natural looking highlights and have the patience for a gradual transition lemons will do the trick.

Step-1 you can combine 1 cup of lemon juice with a leave- in conditioner, keep this mix on you hair for an hour
Step-2 apply more leave- in conditioner and then blow dry your hair.  Lemons are powerful and very drying to your hair so ensure you are using plenty of conditioner. You will notice results in about 6 weeks of application.

Lemons contain a high amount of vitamin C in addition to having antibacterial properties. This makes lemon juice one of the best natural astringents, particularly for oily or acne-prone skin.
Step-1 Squeeze a bit of lemon juice on a cotton ball on clean skin and wipe over your entire face.
Step-2 Moisturize  your skin as you normally would.

Your smile
Baking soda- the powers of baking soda are endless and I must confess I actually like the taste ( weird, I know) baking soda is one of the many household products frequently used both in the kitchen and the bathroom by my grandmother. She had the brightest smile and the whitest term largely in part to her frequent use of baking soda to whiten her teeth.

Honey Child
The uses of honey as part of a beauty arsenal dates back thousands of years ( think Cleopatra) and although the exact properties of a jar of honey are largely based on the flora used to create it, one consistent known feature is that it is a natural humectant. If you are combating dry, or over processed hair, combine a tablespoon of honey with olive or coconut oil ( it works best when it has been heated and slightly cooled) and apply generously to clean hair. allow the mixture to really penetrate by leaving it on the hair for 20-30 minutes for optimum results don a shower cap to really see the effects. Rinse the hair and then follow your normal routine.

Cocoa butter
The powers of cocoa butter never cease to amaze- from smoothing out rough heels, to moisturizing your nails to keep hang nails at bay the wonders and uses are endless.  Looking to stave off wrinkles? Add cocoa butter to your nightly skin care regime by using it generously around your eyes and mouth.

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  1. Sherrie
    August 3, 2016 at 2:38 pm (3 years ago)

    Let me find out I need to get some lemons!


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