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Olga Flirty may be your new favorite bra

Finding the right fit for “the girls” is never an easy task. Combine that fact with wearing a DD and the search for a great fitting bra seems nearly impossible. I’m always looking for a fit that won’t cut into my shoulders, or make me wish I could run to the ladies room to just quit my bra altogether.

When the folks over at Olga reached out to give their new flirty bra a test run I was happy to give it a go.  I’m in love with the fact that the brand realizes that “sexy comes in every shape and size”.

Essentially, the idea behind flirty is your bra can offer serious support and still be sexy.  I love the clean lines of the balconette and the support offered is incredible. I forgot my fitness bra during a class where there is a lot of jumping involved ( think Bootcamp) and this balconette was a great substitute.

Finally, the balconette retails for $45. Please visit https://olgaintimates.com/flirty for more details.

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