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I  haven’t been fitted for a bra in over 10 years and somehow, I instinctively knew I needed another size.  I was determined that I was no longer going to do my girls a disservice and decided to pop into Necessary Secrets for a proper fitting. Research has indicated that anywhere from 64-80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size.  Unfortunately, I was in the number. I have been wearing a DD for the longest time (probably since my last bra fitting). Imagine my utter surprise when my fitting revealed I needed an H (say what now?)  I know I gave my sales person Jodie an eye roll and just the tiniest bit of shade when she informed me of my correct size.

Necessary Secrets

Necessary Secrets

The fitting

Leave your pride at home when you go for your bra fitting. Jodie ushered me into the fitting room and demanded that I take my bra off because she was so appalled at how bad the fit was. I was immediately channeled back to my teenage years shopping with my mother when she was yanking and pulling all up in my stuff while we were shopping.  I quickly put my embarrassment aside when Jodi produced a Natori bra that was not only beautiful, it looked like it was made for me.  One thing to note is not all bras are created equally. I may have been an F in some brands and H in others. Jodie made a good point when she said that bras are like shoes- you really need to try them on to ensure proper fit.


The results


Necessary Secrets has an awesome selection of bras for curvy girls. I ended up purchasing items by Natori, Chantelle and Elomi.  Almost all the bras had panties to match and they also have a comprehensive selection of shapewear. I left a little bit of my soul in the dressing room but I am now a necessary secrets customer for life.

You can visit the shop at:

10751 Falls Rd, suite 121, Lutherville, MD, 20193 Necessary Secrets 
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