If You’re Basic Dinner En Blanc (DEB) Is Not For You

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 Baltimore’s inaugural Diner en Blanc (DEB) was held this weekend.  Close to 1600 attendees met at the Maryland Zoo for the city’s introduction to this pop-up dining  experience. Quite simply if you’re basic, this is not the event for you.   Generally speaking, there is a tremendous amount of work that goes into attending this exclusive picnic that began over 30 years ago in Paris. 

The first step is securing a chance to attend the event. Registration happens in three phases: The first phase is for “friends of the organization”, the second phase is for those who are sponsored by first phase registrants and the final phase is for the waiting list. The swirl of excitement for DEB was evident because the final phase sold out in just over an hour. 

The event is a pop-up and attendees have to bring food, chairs, table and decor. Catering and chair rental options were available for those who didn’t want the hassle of bringing those items.  In addition to bringing your own food, attendees are instructed to wear chic, elegant or avant-garde all white attire.   This is essentially where most folks tap out.  You mean I have to bring my own stuff? Dress in all white AND I don’t know where I’m going? The answer is yes to all three. Like I said if you’re basic, Diner en Blanc is not for you. 

Moreover, a large part of the exclusivity and excitement of DEB is  attendees don’t know where the event will take place until the day of.  In order to add to the excitement, attendees meet at designated shuttle bus stops. 

My excitement began at the Owings Mills Metro stop where my shuttle departed.  As I pulled up with my fellow table mates it was clear that Baltimore was showing up and doing it right! Everyone had on elegant white and photographers were on hand to capture the beginning of our journey.  There were jokes on the bus about where we were going. There was admittedly a hint of disappointment when we pulled up to Druid Hill Park where the Maryland Zoo is located.  However, once everyone set their tables up,set out decor, the overall effect  was simply gorgeous.  Additionally, the magical lighting around the venue and great conversation around the table completed the experience.  

In short, the host committee, table leads and group leaders did an awesome job for this inaugural event. I’m  incredibly proud of my friend Candice Denise, host committee member and Kimberly Shorter, Group lead. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next year. 

Kristin Kelli


photo credit: Brian Hall, Luxe Glam Media 


To view more event photos visit http://www.luxeglammedia.com

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