Jazz in The Gardens- Recap

JITG concert attendees

Jazz in the Gardens was reminiscent of an HBCU homecoming or a family reunion. There were food and clothing vendors to suit every budget and just a general positive energy among attendees.



Conch salad from Reeds

Day 1

Smokey Robinson hit the stage with the same appeal and mesmerizing eyes that have caused generations of women fall in love with him.

His melodic voice is still as smooth as it was when he first came on the scene with Motown. He’s 78 and is certifiably the original “Mr Steal your grandma”. His performance for jazz in the gardens was exactly what you expect from a legend.


Fantasia was the 2nd to the last performer and there is only one word to describe her: electrifying. I fell in love with the powerhouse when she blew away all competition.

Fantasia performs at JITG

Simply put, she sang her face off and had the entire crowd on their feet for the duration of her performance. She took us to church and people were moved to tears.


Day 2 of the festival :


Anita Baker hit the stage and she proved just how timeless her artistry is. Multiple generations of families waited patiently to see “the songstress”. Finally, in addition to “the songstress”, there was a 90’s tribute, Pieces of a Dream, Joe and Avery Sunshine and Tasha Cobbs performed.


Finally, this was my first time attending Jazz in The Gardens and I’m already making plans to return next year. Please visit the following link to learn about next years festival.


All photos courtesy of Brian Gilford of Luxe Glam Media

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