Say “NO” To Thanksgiving Shopping- Small Business Saturday

As a blogger during these past few weeks leading up to Thanksgiving my inbox has been flooded with “guide to Black Friday” shopping emails. I have ignored every single one. Although Thanksgiving is not a true holiday in the most literal since of the word- meaning it is not a “holy day” tied to a system of belief it is a day that most people spend with family, or friends who have become our family as “friends giving” has become a popular new tradition for the day.

I have adamantly ignored every piece of email touting Black Friday discounts because the sales and overall consumerism has reached an all time level of disrespect. Not only have retailers attempted to woo consumers with the promise of deep discounts to help them meet their own annual revenue goals, many of them have suggested that you wolf down your holiday meal, rush from the one time a year when family is forced to eat at a table together and begin your Thanksgiving shopping before you can properly sleep off your zyptrophan -induced post, Turkey Day “itis”.

The day that has traditionally been dedicated to moving from the dining room table to gathering as a family in front of the television to watch football, catch up on each other’s lives or just simply down a second (or third) plate of food has been turned into a microwave holiday where you are encouraged to Shop! Buy! Spend! All with the promise of deep discounts.

Well I’m not here for any of it… I plan to spend the day luxuriating in the moments and quality time generated by love, laughter, good food and in my house- plenty of wine. Instead of rushing out to Walmart, Target or “insert retailer of choice here” I will be enjoying time with the people who share my DNA, a collective history and a lifetime of memories. I will dedicate myself to creating new memories and if nothing else I will relish in the fact that my dining room table will be used for something other than the collection of mail that always manages to pile up there.

Suffice it to say that I enjoy both gifting and receiving and most of my shopping will be done on small business Saturday- with local retailers who are either from my hometown of Baltimore or located in MD. Here are a few places to check out for small business Saturday- support minority businesses that offer unique gifting options and items that you won’t see everywhere.

Fly Nerd
Hands down this is one of my favorite local artisans- I fancy myself a bit of a sneaker head and the best companion for a fly shoe is a fly tee- Fly Nerd offers uniquely designed tees created by Andrea Tomlin who managed to marry her love of fashion with graphic design with these awesome t-shirts

Fly Nerd

Fly Nerd

Truth outfitters
Alex Bank$ is the creator behind the brand which was born during his high school years when fitting in is such a struggle for just about everyone- Bank$ Tag line for the line is striving to “fit in while standing out” and the collection is equal parts art and fashionable.

Truth Outfitters

Truth Outfitters

K. Staton Boutique

If you’re a curvy girl in the DMV K.Staton Boutique is a must shopping destination for you. Jade Greer the dynamic owner of the boutique has a carefully curated selection of high end, high quality options for the curvy fashionista.

K. Staton

K. Staton

When Life Gives You Curves- You Rock Them-Curves Rock Weekend Recap

This weekend the Hyatt Hotel played host to the third annual Curves Rock Weekend. The weekend kicked off with a runway competition hosted at Oxygen Lounge and continued with a mix of panel discussions, a sample sale and a showcase of emerging designers. The highlight of the weekend is always the runway show which featured a mix of designers for the traditionally under served curvy girl.
One of my new local favorites who I initially discovered via Instagram @Mimidre of Fly Nerd was featured both as an emerging designer and in Saturday evenings runway show.

Tionna Smalls returned with her own brand of curvy, plus-positive humor keeping the attendees not only laughing but continuously reminding everyone about just how awesome it is to be curvy.

Ms. Maryland Plus delighted us with her talents and personally brought me to tears with her spoken word which was equal parts poignant, impactful and encouraging.

Follow the designers showcased via IG

Here are some highlights from the show and you can follow my Pinterest Board for additional photos. .

Fly Nerd

Fly Nerd

Curves Rock

Curves Rock

Marco Hall

Marco Hall



Artscape 2014

High Zero

High Zero

Baltimore is my hometown and there are a few things that have firmly assisted with  placing  the “charm” in Charm City. Artscape, touted as one of the largest art festivals on the East Coast is one of those things. The festival takes place in Baltimore’s Arts District and offers a range of activities from zumba for kids to Grammy nominated artist like Anthony Hamilton who is set to hit the stage on Sunday, July 20th. The people watching is an added bonus to the great art, crafts, performances and culinary delights which make Artscape a cant miss Baltimore event. In addition to the list of official food vendors- there will be a food truck rally near Preston St.

So don your best festival chic ensemble, put on some comfortable shoes and be prepared to by dazzled by the charm that is Artscape.

For more details on performances and activities log into or consider downloading the app from the Google market place or I—phone app store in order to stay up to date on all the festival happenings.


photo source

Maryland Fashion Awards- Re-cap

The Maryland Fashion Awards took place this weekend and this was the first time the fashion community took time to honor some of the people making an impact in the world of fashion in the DMV area.   With categories ranging from stylist, to emerging boutique I had the distinct pleasure of being nominated in the emerging media category for my work on the Ghetto Fashionista.  Though I did not take the award home I was truly flattered by simply being a nominee.


The theme of the awards was to INSPIRE and BE INSPIRED and I can honestly say I was inspired by the attempt to place Maryland and some of its talented and passionate people on the fashion map.

Me with Monica Scott Haynes, Emerging Model Nominee


Opening of the Fashion Awards MD ceremony

Urban Designer category


LOVED this crochet dress featured in the opening

photo credit: Brian Hall, Luxe Glam Collective 

Here is a complete list of winners:

Accessorizer: Stevie Boi

Emerging Accessories:  Lola Ro




Women’s Boutique: Dollhouse

Emerging Boutique: Hangar Alley


Clothing Stylist

Women’s Clothing Stylist: Julian Pierre Boney

Men’s Clothing Stylist: Antoine Anderson

Emerging Clothing Stylist: Apuje Kalu



Women’s High Fashion Designer: Eve Luzhina-Salazar, Jenkas Fashion

Men’s Tailor: Christopher Schafer

Men’s Urban Designer: F.L.E.X.

Women’s Urban Desiger: Brandi Lewis, Syeko

Women’s RTW: Courtney M. Roberts

Men’s RTW: Mason Sylvester

Emerging Designer: Karen Garalde


Hair Stylist

Commercial Hair Stylist: Maurice Fains

High Fashion Hair Stylist: Shirley G

Emerging Hair Stylist: Therese Wenja


Makeup Artist

Commercial MUA: Dina “Dincheka” Dyme

High Fashion MUA: Marcus Miller

Emerging MUA: Chimere Smith



Female Runway: Dominique Stroman

Male Runway: David Sommerville

Female Plus-Model Runway: Chearice Vaughn

Male Fitness Model: Cross Thompson

Female Glamour Model: Miss Vannette

Print Plus-Size Model:  Morgan Whitney

Print Male Model: Derek Furman

Print Female Model: Julisita VP

Emerging Female Model: Imena De Barros

Emerging Male Model: Nick Anonthy


Rising Star

Zaruta E. Reussite



Glamour Photographer: Charles Gardner, IEC studios

Fashion Photographer: Roy Cox

Emerging Photographer: Michelle Aristrocrat



Media Blogger: Teena Leone (Fashion For Breakfast)

Fashion Coverage Photographer: Photo-Rob

Emerging Media: Emore’J Couture


Baltimore School of Design

Today marks the era of new and innovative education in Baltimore as the groundbreaking for Baltimore School of Design took place this morning.  The focus of the new school is to educate middle-high school students in the areas of architecture, fashion and graphic arts.  The school’s philosophy is based on the premise that “The convergence of art and technology is creating a new world”.

Admission to the middle school program is via application and depending on the number of students that apply applicants may be subject to a lottery.   High school applicants must submit a portfolio to be considered for admission.


You can view a full list of admission requirements, and FAQ’s by visiting the school’s website.


photo source 




Baltimore Has Style Too

I have said it before and

I will say it again- I am a Baltimore Girl true and thru.  I have loved fashion since I requested my first handbag at the tender age of four and in spite of evidence to the contrary, I believe there are Baltimore women who have style and substance that can rival fashionistas in any major metropolitan city. I encounter beautiful, well-dressed women all the time and I want the rest of the fashion world to see Baltimore has style too.


I would like to feature women from my fair city rocking the newest, latest, hautest!


Email me at showing off your Baltimore Style for a chance to be featured on my site.


photo source




Fashion Awards MD- The Ghettofashionista is on the ballot!

I am so excited to announce that I have made the official ballot for the first ever Maryland Fashion Awards.  The awards honor those who have made a key contribution to fashion in Maryland and after over 10,000 nominees, I am on the ballot for my work as Editor in Chief of The Ghetto Fashionista.

The actual award show will take place in June where the official winners will be announced but in the interim you can VOTE FOR ME!

I am on the ballot for Emerging Media Member so visit click on VOTE and 4pm ballot and cast your vote for The Ghetto Fashionista.

*While you can only vote for me once, you CAN vote from multiple computers- so you can cast your vote from your smart phone, home computer etc.

Thanks in advance to all my supporters!


Check out the behind the scenes video from the official awards photo shoot.

Carmelo and La La Anthony in Vogue Magazine

There are some photos that simply need no hype, just to be shared and enjoyed.  The beautiful La La Anthony is featured with Baltimore native and her husband Carmelo Anthony in the April issue of Vogue magazine.


La La and Carmello Anthony Vogue Magazine

Jade Greer Curvy, Confident Owner of K.Staton Boutique

Nestled in the eclectic neighborhood of Hampden in West Baltimore you can find K.Staton; a boutique whose reputation has received high marks in the curvy community for its diverse selection of contemporary plus-sized clothing. The moment I entered the store I had a hard time trying to figure out why I had never been to pay a visit. A small fashion emergency is what finally prompted me to venture to Hampden- an up-and-coming neighborhood known for its amazing vintage clothing and unique dining options. The week before my birthday found me waiting for the dress I ordered to be delivered so off to K. Stanton I went in hopes of finding a suitable plan B in the event my dress did not arrive in time.

I immediately fell in love with the infectious personality of the boutiques owner- Jade Greer who was warm, welcoming and an obvious advocate for the curvy community. I also found an amazing selection of everything from accessories to a great range of clothing for “luxury sized” women. After a few minutes chatting with Greer I knew I had to interview the dynamic woman behind the boutique so we set up some time to meet and I left out of the store with a smile on my face, a new jacket in my bag and excitement from my retail experience.

Here’s my interview with Jade Greer:

GF: How long has the boutique been open?
JG: The boutique has been in existence for 2.5 years since August of 2009.I’ve been in this space for 5 months and I was 2 blocks north for 2 years

GF: What is the motivation for the name of the boutique?
JG: K. Staton is actually aka Kimberly Staton, my mom. She had breast cancer so that’s why I participate in the Susan G. Komen breast cancer walk- we have a K. Staton team, she was my motivation, she was my encouragement she was my love. I was racking my brain to come up with a name- it was curvy this, voluptuous that and one night my husband just said, why don’t you just call it K. Staton? The day we opened our doors was August 24th, 2009 and that was the day my mom passed. I wanted to associate the day with something positive.

GF: Tell me a little bit about some of the designers you carry in the boutique?
JG: We carry Kyonna, which does well, and as of last season we started carrying Monif C, we’ve also had some Jibri in here. I will be introducing Blue Plate this spring/summer. (A vintage, casual free- flowing designer that will work well for spring/summer)

GF: Tell me a little bit about your customers…
JG: Oh- my girls, I call them my girls and they range between the ages of 25-55. My girls are my joys, my loves. My girl can be professional, but she can also go out to the bar.

GF: What advice would you have for young girls- between pre-teen to high school age who feel like there’s no place for them in fashion because they are curvy?

JG: That’s a lie. I can understand why they might feel like that because I was like that- I wasn’t always a person who loved my curves. I want to be in their face to show them you can be stylish and plus size. I want to emphasize confidence- you have to own it (your curves).

GF: Tell me when you had a turning point, when you began to embrace your curves and recognized your authentic beauty?

JG: I would attribute it to a couple of different things: the first was when I met my husband. I met him when I was 15 and he showed me how a woman was supposed to be treated. He loved me for my curves and with my curves. Also when I started making my own money, driving my own car, that sense of independence gives women identity.

GF: What do you see as the next steps for the boutique?

JG: When I first opened, I was a store within a store so I was always pushing to get my own storefront. So God blessed with that so now I am just going to develop and grow it and really concentrate on making this location the best I can make it. I give myself like two years and then I will have a second location.

GF: Who are some of your favorite designers?
JG: I love Michael Kors; I love Asos- I love simplistic, kind of modern, chic stuff. I love Monif, she’s great.

GF: Any last minute thoughts to share?
JG: Fashion is so emotional, it can lift you up on your lowest days. You go and get your hair done, put on a dress and get your heels and it doesn’t matter your size.

Visit K. Staton at:
1007 W 36th St, #A Baltimore, MD 21211
(410) 400-9113



The GF with Jade Greer




Alex Banks Speaks TRUTH

Alex Banks, designer TRUTH Outfitters

Baltimore is my hometown and in spite of all the negative images portrayed in the media there is greatness in the city. A few weeks ago, I had an opportunity to sit down with a talented, emerging artist/ designer Alex Banks, the creative force behind TRUTH a line of t-shirts and hoodies that are both artistic and edgy.

Banks considers himself an artistic hustler an expression he uses with a smirk and a chuckle that lets me know additional elaboration is not necessary.   He began his TRUTH collection about 9 years ago and he draws his inspiration from the worlds of art and architecture.

The tees include hand-painted quotes which lends to the custom made feel of the shirts from some of our favorite movies and hip hop songs; like one of my favorite lines from NAS- The World Is Yours “I’m out for presidents to represent me” .

The collection started when he was in high school- he attended Baltimore City College High which is and has always been a “fashion show” and was born as a result of his desire to stand out on a “$40 Marshall’s budget” so he would simply buy white tees and just create from there.

Like many designers, he got his start by drawing- specifically cartoon characters and then in high school he began sketching dresses and creating concepts for his friend’s proms.

In addition to the TRUTH brand, he has a collection of tees for women called TRUTH hurts and he is working on developing a line of skully’s and cardigans.

The tees will set you back a modest $25 and the hoodies are $50.   You can visit  to purchase yours today!

You can also view Alex’s work on Tumblr: and contact him at :443-486-3153 for additional inquiries.


The shirts are fully washable



TRUTH Hurts, the female line of tees



Curvy Girl fabulosity




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