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If you can’t achieve it, you might as well weave it…

Tribe called quest made this line popular during my formative college years, and the rule of thumb of weaving if you cannot achieve it still holds true today. Weaves have become one of the ultimate accessories for women. Just like a woman can change her earrings everyday, your hair can go from 2 inches to […]

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How old is she?!

I recently watched an interview with Natalie Cole- where when revealing her age- 56 she said, ‘black don’t crack’. Well here are some true age-defying beauties- the baby of the bunch- Stacy Dash is 40! Sophia Loren, 70 Natalie Cole, 56 Oprah, 54 Iman, 51 Nancy Wilson, 69 Stacy Dash, 40 Angela Bassett, 48 Goldie […]

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Black Beauty Icons

Get Your Own! | View Slideshow There is nothing more beautiful than black woman in my opinion. We come in all shades, sizes, dimensions- the rainbow truly isn’t enough to express the beauty of black woman. Here are some of my all time favorite black beauty icons.

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