The Make Up Show Launches Beauty Week

The Make a Up Show

The Make a Up Show

This year marks the 10 year anniversary of the Make Up Show and in honor of a decade worth of beauty, glam and education the premier beauty event welcomes the launch of the first Beauty Week.

The week kicks off on April 29th through May 5th and includes hands on workshops and seminars a career fair, a gala and a champagne- fueled beauty tour led by James Vincent. The Make Up Show sponsors include MAKE UP FOR EVER, TEMPTU PRO, Crown Brush, NARS, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Alcone, INGLOT, Smashbox, MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy, Pinnacle Cosmetics, Bdellium Tools, Glamcor, The Powder Group, and On Makeup Magazine.

Here’s an overview of some of the events for the week:

DAY 1 – Wednesday, April 29th – Hands-on workshops

• Artisanal Beauty with Multidimensional Makeup with Danessa Myricks
• Character Creation Through Makeup Design and Application with Joe Dulude II

DAY 2 – Thursday, April 30th – Signature Style Seminars

• Unconventional Beauty with Danessa Myricks
• Beyond Bridal with Esterique Aidan
• Modern Glamour with Bethany Townes
• Unforgettable Editorial with Orlando Santiago
• New York Groove with James Vincent
• Secrets of My Success: A panel of The Makeup Show Artists – This is complimentary and only open to those taking at least 3 other seminars. Stay late for this session and join some of your favorite artists to share personal stories over a glass of wine.

DAY 3 – Friday, May 1st—The Makeup Show Gala Dinner & After-Party – Join The Makeup Show for their 2nd annual ball to celebrate The Makeup Show’s 10 Year Anniversary with a touch of glamour, gorgeous makeup, the spirit of giving, and an opportunity to gather with the makeup community.

DAY 4 – Saturday, May 2nd—Hands-on workshops – Saturday is a day for full day hands-on workshops before The Makeup Show.

DAY 5 & 6 – Sunday, May 3rd and Monday, May 4th The Makeup Show NYC – Sunday and Monday The Makeup Show NYC opens doors for full days of beauty, inspiration, and opportunity.

DAY 6 – Monday, May 4th—The Makeup Show Career Fair – Following the conclusion of the show, is The Makeup Show Career Fair which is limited to ticket holders of The Makeup Show NYC attending on Monday, May 4. Limited to 100 attendees

DAY 7 – Tuesday, May 5th—Beauty Tour NYC – Join celebrity makeup artist James Vincent through a champagne fueled ride around Manhattan and make stops along the way at all of this favorite makeup haunts. End the tour with legendary Dany Sanz at MAKE UP FOR EVER’s pro studio.

This is definitely a can’t miss event for MUA’s and beauty girls! For more details please visit

Book Your Runway Curls Glamover!

Runway Curls

Runway Curls

The Natural Hair Expo is taking place in Birmingham on March 28th and Runway Curls, the 100% textured, Ethiopian, virgin hair line is offering an opportunity for a complete Glam Over during the show. The Glam Over is a natural hair make over and includes hair, installation, styling, makeup and products. Spaces are extremely limited and this incredible package valued at $1,000 is a steal for only $325!

The package includes:

1 Ticket to the 4th Annual Natural Hair & Health Expo
2 Bundles Runway Curls Ethiopian Textured Extensions
Professional Installation and Styling
Design Essentials Natural Maintenance Kit
Professional Make-up
& Glam Photo

You can book your Runway Curls Glamover by visiting Runway Curls

NYFW Backstage Beauty With Inglot for Degen



The runways for the winter 2015 collections ran the gamut in terms of beauty- from clean beauty looks featuring strong brows to incredibly abstract. Mahasin Phillips created non-traditional beauty for Degen which incorporated abstract designs and ombre lips.

To recreate the ombre lip:

  • Inglot lip defence was used to moisturize the lips
  • Next, Inglot Matte lipstick No. 402 was applied to the entire lip followed by Inglot lipstick No. 175 applied to one side; brush 12s was used to achieve the ombre effect

Please visit Inglot for more details on the collection

MyLifeMyInspiration- Behind the Scenes With Tracy Reese

As this frigid New York Fashion Week draws to a close, smartwater and Mode Media paired to provide a rare glimpse into the creative process of one of my favorite designers -Tracy Reese. The CFDA designer talks about the inspiration for her A/W 2015 collection- “The biggest impact to my personal style is probably my mom” and how important it is for creatives to inspire themselves.

The full series of MyLifeMyInspiration can be seen here And features Milly and Veronica Beard as they share the inspirations for their collections.

Eleventh Hour Christmas Gifts

As the wee hours of Christmas Eve close in on you, your window to Christmas shop in the “big box” stores has sadly come to a close. If you are a holiday procrastinator the drug store may be your only option for purchasing gifts. Sure there’s always gift cards which manage to brighten up a recipients face but I tend to think that gift cards are the lazy approach to the holidays.

Here are some great budget friendly items that you can find in your local drug store- and added plus? Many drug stores are open until midnight and several will be open on Christmas Day.

First off, did you know that Nivea has been around since 1911? Clearly such longevity in the beauty industry means that they must be doing something right and for just $1 it’s the perfect stocking stuffer item. Nivea is ideal for smoothing out rough edges. Apply Nivea post bath or shower at night generously to your feet and then put on your favorite socks and your feet will feel like you just got a pedicure in the morning. Nivea also serves as a great alternative to cuticle oil. Use it around your nail bed to keep hang nails at bay between manicures.

Nivea Creme

Nivea Creme

Cantu Curling Cream
If your last minute holiday shopped list includes a naturalista, Cantu curling cream works universally to not only enhance curls, but it also does a great job of minimizing frizz.

Cantu Curling Creme

Cantu Curling Creme

Rocher Chocolates

I will readily admit it- I have a sweet tooth. I discovered Rocher one year when my parents gave me a box for Christmas and I’ve been hooked ever since.

ELF products

For the beauty girl in your life ELF- eyes, lips, face is an awesome option. From deluxe brushes to a wide range of products for well, your eyes, lips and face offers a beautiful stocking stuffer for the beauty-obsessed.

ELF, starting at $2.99

ELF, starting at $2.99

Say “NO” To Thanksgiving Shopping- Small Business Saturday

As a blogger during these past few weeks leading up to Thanksgiving my inbox has been flooded with “guide to Black Friday” shopping emails. I have ignored every single one. Although Thanksgiving is not a true holiday in the most literal since of the word- meaning it is not a “holy day” tied to a system of belief it is a day that most people spend with family, or friends who have become our family as “friends giving” has become a popular new tradition for the day.

I have adamantly ignored every piece of email touting Black Friday discounts because the sales and overall consumerism has reached an all time level of disrespect. Not only have retailers attempted to woo consumers with the promise of deep discounts to help them meet their own annual revenue goals, many of them have suggested that you wolf down your holiday meal, rush from the one time a year when family is forced to eat at a table together and begin your Thanksgiving shopping before you can properly sleep off your zyptrophan -induced post, Turkey Day “itis”.

The day that has traditionally been dedicated to moving from the dining room table to gathering as a family in front of the television to watch football, catch up on each other’s lives or just simply down a second (or third) plate of food has been turned into a microwave holiday where you are encouraged to Shop! Buy! Spend! All with the promise of deep discounts.

Well I’m not here for any of it… I plan to spend the day luxuriating in the moments and quality time generated by love, laughter, good food and in my house- plenty of wine. Instead of rushing out to Walmart, Target or “insert retailer of choice here” I will be enjoying time with the people who share my DNA, a collective history and a lifetime of memories. I will dedicate myself to creating new memories and if nothing else I will relish in the fact that my dining room table will be used for something other than the collection of mail that always manages to pile up there.

Suffice it to say that I enjoy both gifting and receiving and most of my shopping will be done on small business Saturday- with local retailers who are either from my hometown of Baltimore or located in MD. Here are a few places to check out for small business Saturday- support minority businesses that offer unique gifting options and items that you won’t see everywhere.

Fly Nerd
Hands down this is one of my favorite local artisans- I fancy myself a bit of a sneaker head and the best companion for a fly shoe is a fly tee- Fly Nerd offers uniquely designed tees created by Andrea Tomlin who managed to marry her love of fashion with graphic design with these awesome t-shirts

Fly Nerd

Fly Nerd

Truth outfitters
Alex Bank$ is the creator behind the brand which was born during his high school years when fitting in is such a struggle for just about everyone- Bank$ Tag line for the line is striving to “fit in while standing out” and the collection is equal parts art and fashionable.

Truth Outfitters

Truth Outfitters

K. Staton Boutique

If you’re a curvy girl in the DMV K.Staton Boutique is a must shopping destination for you. Jade Greer the dynamic owner of the boutique has a carefully curated selection of high end, high quality options for the curvy fashionista.

K. Staton

K. Staton

Why Solange Knowles Broke The Internet

photo by:  Rog Walker

photo by: Rog Walker

photo source

November 16th ( the eve of my own wedding anniversary) served as the day Solange broke the Internet. The reason for her heavily hashtagged, heavily regrammed notable internet breakage was because she got hitched to her long time partner Alan Fergueson.

Solange has long since established herself as a fashion icon- from her enviable, full ‘fro, to her bold fashion choices and omnipresent brightly-hued lip- Solange is the fashion “it” girl in the Knowles clan. Her style is undeniable but the reason so many fashionistas love “Solo” is because she walks in her personal truth with a unique authenticity that is so fundamentally her and we love it. She didn’t have to bare it all to get the attention of all of social media and the fact that Vogue magazine was granted exclusive rights to the photos from her nuptials just further solidifies Solange as a bonafide fashionista. She is proof positive that you can don a cape, a gorgeous Humberto Leon gown, rock a fierce ‘fro and be your own fashion super she-roe with style, elegance and grace- and break the Internet whilst doing it.

Seriously, Vote

November 4th is the date for the midterm elections and one of my earliest childhood memories is going to the polls to vote with my grandfather; I did not realize the poignancy of these trips to the neighborhood school where we would enter a small booth and a silver lever would close the curtains behind us, providing my grandfather with privacy as needed to exercise his rights. Going to vote with my grandfather was so significant because he was (and still is) the smartest man I know and with only a third grade education he migrated to Baltimore from Spartanburg, South Carolina secured a job at Bethlehem Steele and served as the patriarch and sole supporter to his family. In spite of his limited “formal” education, he would read the morning paper from cover to cover and always encouraged me to do the same. He had a half dozen friends who would frequently gather on the porch and I would saddle up next to him listening to talks of the Iran Contra-scandal and other world issues and though I had limited knowledge of what they were talking about I sensed that it was important and I loved the way these men who were also from the south would converse with such passion, laughter and comeaderie… These men and especially my grandfather remain my measure for intellect, passion and provision and it is due to their sacrifice- to leaving whatever prompted them to migrate from the South that I proudly will cast my vote tomorrow.

If you remain confused about the candidates visit in order to learn more about where they stand on the issues impacting your state; the worse thing you could do on tomorrow is nothing at all, so please exercise your right to vote.

(End of) Summer Reading: Gone Girl

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

I will admit I have a somewhat obsessive personality… To clarify what I mean is quite simply when I like something, I mean REALLY like something I tend to immerse myself into whatever that thing is. This summer, like most I spent a fair amount of time reading-between days spent at the beach lazily basking in the sun, to summer evenings refusing to allow another nanosecond of reality television to seep into my psyche, I read and I read a lot. This brings me to my latest literary obsession- Gillian Flynn; I had heard quite a bit about the book Gone Girl, Flynn’s 2012 New York Times Best seller and being the nerd that I am I insisted on reading the book before the film adaptation is released in October. I quickly became hooked on Flynn’s writing and found myself researching her other body of work. I’ve always had an affinity for crime and suspense and Flynn’s does the most amazing job of foreshadowing you can’t help but want to see how the story ends. Gone Girl had me hooked from the very beginning- this story about a dazzling Manhattan couple who’s relationship has gone a little stale with the loss of their jobs and the need to move to some Podunk town in Missouri. The story opens with the couple- Nick and Amy Dunne preparing to celebrate their 5 year wedding anniversary and the wife goes missing… I won’t say anymore as I don’t want to give too much of the story away but read the book! The Gone Girl movie will hit theaters on October 3rd.

Here’s a peek at the trailer

Style Item Of The Week- Nice Laundry

Nice Laundry

Nice Laundry

Hands down one of my favorite trends of late is colorful socks for men. Sunday morning church service is overflowing with the more stylish and daring gents of the congregation wearing what has affectionately been referred to as “socks of glory” or “the sock ministry”.

Now that fall is officially in full swing the dip in temperature provides the perfect opportunity to enhance your sock wardrobe. Admitedly I initially wanted my husband to review the socks that the folks from Nice Laundry sent over, but the colors appealed to me I kept a few pairs for myself. Not only are they stylish, they’re comfortable and offer the perfect exclamation point to any ensemble.

If you’re looking to add to or even lunch your own sock drawer Nice Laundry offers a recycling program to their US customers where a percentage of the recycled socks are repurposed.

Want more details? Visit


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