Style Item Of The Week- Esqido False Lashes

Esqido False Lashes

Esqido False Lashes

As a makeup artist I definitely keep my share of lashes on hand; however I had never tried mink lashes so I jumped at the opportunity to try Esqido false lashes, especially when I heard they were favorites of one of my beauty icons Rihanna.

The lashes are incredibly natural, so much so that when I visited my mother ( my biggest champion and often toughest critic) she declared: “are those your lashes? They look so natural.”

The Unforgettable lashes are natural enough that they can be worn in the office, however they have enough glam factor that they can be worn for an event or special occasion.

After trimming the lashes to ensure proper fit, here are a few of my tips for application:

1. Line your eyes directly above the
Lash line- this line will serve as a guide for applying your lashes

2. Fully coat lashes with lash glue-( I prefer the Duo brand) ensure that the glue dries to the point of tackiness- this usually happens around 45 seconds after the glue has been applied

3. Apply lashes from inner to outer lid- it helps if you look down while applying.

4. After the lash has been applied, look down and gently tap the entire width of the band to ensure adhesion

5. Top the lashes with a second coat of liner to completely conceal any evidence of the band

I have already worn my lashes twice and in order to ensure there longevity, I gently wipe the band with makeup remover before storing them in the box they came in.

Style Item Of The Week- Nice Laundry

Nice Laundry

Nice Laundry

Hands down one of my favorite trends of late is colorful socks for men. Sunday morning church service is overflowing with the more stylish and daring gents of the congregation wearing what has affectionately been referred to as “socks of glory” or “the sock ministry”.

Now that fall is officially in full swing the dip in temperature provides the perfect opportunity to enhance your sock wardrobe. Admitedly I initially wanted my husband to review the socks that the folks from Nice Laundry sent over, but the colors appealed to me I kept a few pairs for myself. Not only are they stylish, they’re comfortable and offer the perfect exclamation point to any ensemble.

If you’re looking to add to or even lunch your own sock drawer Nice Laundry offers a recycling program to their US customers where a percentage of the recycled socks are repurposed.

Want more details? Visit

Style Item Of The Week- Kim Kimble Beauty

Acai Berry Brazilian Nut Serum

Acai Berry Brazilian Nut Serum

Silk elastic bands

Silk elastic bands

Kim Kimble has been on my radar for quite sometime; as the hair guru behind some of my favorite celebs looks I’m a huge fan of her work and the especially love the inside look of her life via WeTv’s L.A. Hair. Kimble is not only a highly sought out stylist she is always adding to her arsenal- striking the perfect balance between stylist and entrepreneur. Kim Kimble beauty offers a range of products with a focus on style and healthy hair. I recently had the opportunity to try Kimble’s silk hair ties and acai and berry serum; with the heat and humidity of summer in full swing Kimble’s hair ties are just what the doctor ordered for pulling back my tresses in the healthiest way possible. Because the ties are made with silk and are metal free- they are gentle on the hair and minimize the tangle and pulling that can often result from other bands. I am a naturalista currently wearing a weave with just a small leave out in the front; my natural hair is also color-treated so it’s incredibly important for me to keep my hair moisturized. The Acai Berry and Brazilian Nut serum provides equal parts shine along with moisture without heavy build up.

Interested in trying out the silk bands or serum? Ghetto Fashionista readers are eligible for a 10% discount their purchases. Visit and use code hair10 at checkout.

Want to know more about Kim Kimble? Visit her website 

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Style Item Of The Week- Somersets Shaving Oil


Spring has finally sprung and inevitably the warmer temps bring thoughts of shorter hemlines, pedicured toes and just spending more quality time outdoors after weeks of being sucked into the polar vortex. Before you swap out those timbs for sandals de-fuzzing is mandatory and Somersets shaving oil is the perfect product to both moisturize and remove hair all while offering up the most amazing lavender fragrance.

How to use:
Wet area prior to applying oil (about 3 drops) and let oil sit for about 10 seconds- proceed with shaving as you normally would.

Somerset shaving oil retails for 6.99. For more details and info on where to buy visit

Happy Spring!

Style Item of the Week- Ruby Kisses Bronze Glow

My style items of the week have been few and far between- what can I say, I have been incredibly busy with this thing called life. In any case, if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you’re probably aware that I’m a freelance make up artist. One of my go to items in both my make up kit and my personal make up bag is the Ruby Kisses Bronze Glow. When I tell you every time I wear this product, I inevitably get inquiries about what I’m wearing. Bronze Glow serves as the ultimate highlighter, bronzer or it can be used in place of blush. One of the products best qualities is the price point at 3.99 and found at most beauty supplies and drug stores, this all- over bronzer is a must have!


Style Item Of The Week Cover Girl Jumbo Gloss Balm


Cover Girl has been a long standing favorite of mine and they definitely came up with a winner when they introduced the jumbo gloss balms; offering a wide range of rich colors from gorgeous nude pink to deep burgundies and purples the collection is bound to offer a hue to suit your needs. The balms are not only rich in their wide range of colors but they are infused with Shea and mango butters which adds a boost of moisture to the natural color and shine.

The fact that the brand has chosen my favorite quirky fashionista Janelle Monae as their newest cover girl only solidifies the gloss balm as my style item of the week.

The jumbo gloss balm retails for $6.99.


All photos courtesy of Cover Girl

Style Item of The Week- Ruby Woo by MAC

I recently became a MAC girl on the side- what that means is I am a make-up artist for the brand that I have loved ever since I was 19 and bought my first product from them- Russian Red, in case you’re interested.   In spite of the fact that my very first MAC product was a very vibrant, notice me red, somehow throughout the years I lost myself and my courage to be bold with my lipstick choices- instead opting for more neutral glosses. However, last year during fashion week, I noticed a very distinct trend among the show attendees- gorgeous, red lips!  The color reminded me of Russian Red, and it was no surprise when I found out from one gorgeous fashionista that she was rocking Ruby Woo- a color also by my beloved MAC.  Ruby Woo has a matte finish with more blue undertones and quite honestly is universally attractive on all different complexions.   Red lips are empowering, can be dressed up or down and speak volumes about the confidence of the woman rocking them- for these reasons- Ruby Woo is my style item of the week.


Be bold,



photo courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

Style Item of the Week- Votre Vu Multi-Vitamin Oil

Let me just admit this right now… I am fairly lazy when it comes to my beauty routine.  I look for products that serve multiple functions- make up remover towelettes that also exfoliate? Yes! A facial scrub that also includes salicylic acid for those times of the month when my skin is acne-prone- sign me right on up.  So imagine my recent surprise and delight when I happened across a product that could be used on my body, face AND hair?  You see, a few weeks ago I was doing some serious purging and happened upon a bag of goodies from last year’s fashion week. Included in the bag was a product called Votre Vu.  The label boasted multiple uses for hair, face and body and because I was running low on products for all of those areas I cracked it open and used it après shower. I can honestly say I was in deep love from the word “go”. The light fragrance and emollient formula was the perfect moisturizer post shower, especially with these soaring temperatures and humidity we’ve had this summer.  I loved how moisturizing the product was and I was able to get dressed with out having to worry about getting any residue on my clothes.


Check out Votre Vu  for more details and to make a purchase.

photo courtesy of Votre Vu

Style Item of the Week- Nars Thakoon Polish Collaboration

I truly consider Twitter to be the ultimate authority on all things new in fashion and beauty.  I swear if you follow the right folks you will get real-time insight into  all of the newest trends.

One of my favorite beauty bloggers- Danielle of The Style and Beauty doc causally tweeted a pic of the most gorgeous, inky-hued mani and when I queried who the polish was by, she confirmed that it was the latest in a collection of Nars colors.


Of course, I ran to Google to find out more and discovered the polish is a limited edition collaboration with Thakoon and is inspired by an Indian Spice market.  Here are a few of the limited edition polishes- get them fast because these beauties are certainly guaranteed to sell out.



Ratin Jot 

Style Item of the Week- Asos Statement Necklace

If you cannot tell by now, I am a huge fan of Asos. In spite of all the time I spent coveting their pieces, I was a bit leery of ordering from them since after all, they are a UK-based company who just recently began delivering in the US.


After my initial hesitation I took the plunge and I have been an Asos loyalist ever since. When I came across this gorgeous statement necklace, I knew I had to have it and thought it not robbery to share with you!

This Rocco Articulated Statement Necklace retails for 27 bucks so why not treat yourself?


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