Style Item(s) of the Week- TLC For Your Feet

As the first signs of spring begin to make an appearance and the temperatures begin to soar, inevitably more skin will be revealed.  Let me pause at this point to make a public service announcement- please do not don your open-toe shoes before giving your feet a little attention- whether you break out the ped-egg, or visit your local nail shop, I implore you to handle your business as far as your feet are concerned before you bare all for the world to see.


Here are some of my favorite low cost beauty finds to prepare your feet for wearing your favorite sandals:


Palmers Gel Radiance-  $9.00 consider this product to be cocoa butter the remix. The gel name in the title is a little deceptive, because this product is a bit on the oily side, but trust me when I tell you that your feet will shout with praise once you moisturize them with gel radiance.  One word of caution- you may want to apply this at least 10 minutes before you leave the house; because of the concentration of oil, you may find yourself sliding around in your sandals if you put them on too soon.


Palmer's Gel Radiance


Avon foot soak-  $3.99 If you are skipping the nail salon and opting to give yourself an at home pedicure, the Avon foot soak and scrub is an awesome way to both gently exfoliate and soften the skin of your feet.


Avon foot soak and exfoliant


Avon cracked heel cream- $3.99 this product is for those with serious cracked heel issues, although it will also work for those of us with moderate issues as well. The cracked heel contains lidocaine, which provides soothing relief for pain as a result of cracked heels.

Avon Cracked Heel Cream


Microplane foot paddle-  $19.50 the first time I went to the nail salon and my nail tech broke out this paddle I almost snatched it out of her hand in order to get a better look.  With just a few gentle strokes the skin on my feet was as smooth as a babies bottom.



Microplane foot file

I promise your feet will thank you for the little extra bit of preparation before they make their debut.




Style Item of the Week-Going Green with Lia Sophia

Lia Sophia is quickly becoming one of my favorite jewelry designers for pieces that add an exclamation to an otherwise neutral ensemble.

Vibrant greens, sunshine bright yellows and warming oranges all played a starring role on many of the spring catwalks.   As winter has just made an appearance and unfortunately , with several months of cold and wintry weather ahead of us why not add a dose of spring-like color to your wardrobe with one of these awesome statement pieces from Lia Sophia??

(please click to enlarge for price details)


Please visit for more details.


Style Item of the Week- DL Beauty Lip Lustre


DL Beauty Lip Lustre


Every once in awhile a product comes along that is so good I simply can’t keep it to myself.  Well, a few weeks ago, I attended a fabulous launch of Lip Lustre a line of gorgeous lippies created by Baltimore native makeup artist, Danielle Lewis.  The venue, Topaz Boutique which is quickly becoming one of my favorite venues for all things chic and fabulous in Baltimore hosted some of the finest local areas fashionistas and fashionistos.  The signature cocktail- smooches flowed and the mood was light as attendees crowded around the table to listen to Danielle expound on the virtues of her product. 

I fell in love with Robin, a golden, neutral that is perfect when you are on the go as well as Supergorge, a brilliant magenta that always gets me a second look.

The gloss is rich in color without some of the stickiness that is infamous in some of the other lip gloss brands.  Lip Lustre will be available at Topaz Boutique, or by contacting Danielle

Style Item of the Week- Tokidoki brushes

I firmly believe inside each of us is a little girl who marvels at the fact that we have the opportunity to play ‘grown up’. Playing in my mother’s make-up, trying my best to walk in her high heels, these are the things that occupied my play time as a child. To that end, I am still very much a little girl at heart- my Hello Kitty credit card is proof positive of that fact.

Every once in awhile there are products that are introduced that play up to the dichotomy that is me- grown woman/little girl on the inside so imagine my excitement, no scratch that GLEE when I encountered these Tokidoki (sometimes in Japanese) brushes.

Form, function, and whimsical all in one little package; the Tokidoki brushes are sold exclusively at Sephora.

Style Item of the week- love & toast

I am all about the girly, the smell good, and cute packaging all with a cause. Recently when I was getting a little retail therapy in at South Moon Under, I discovered the amazing love & toast fragrance created by Margot Elena Wells. A portion of each purchase of love& toast goes to the Regional Affiliate of Girls, an organization dedicated to empowering girls to be smart and bold.
The fragrance comes in the cutest roll-on, purse friendly sizes and the hand creams are not only incredibly fragrant, they absorb quickly which is a necessity in this summer heat.

Coconut honey and Mandarin tea are among my favorites, but the entire range of fragrances is simply delicious.

Style Item of the Week- Big Girl Cosmetics Diva Gloss

by Lisa

The GF firmly believes every woman should have signature pieces both in her wardrobe and as part of her makeup regime that make those who know and love her say, yes, that looks like YOU. I rarely cross the threshold of my front door without mascara, a little powder and my signature gloss – everyone who knows me well knows of my affinity for pink, almost nude lips that pop.

I am always on the hunt for the “perfect” glosses here are a few things I consider before making a purchase:

• No stickiness! I hate it when my hair gets stuck in my lips because of overly sticky lip-gloss formulas

• Moisturizing- I love a product that serves double duty- offering up a powerful punch of color, while keeping my lips kissable and soft

• Color- unfortunately, I am a creature of habit and I inevitably opt for a pink nude, or sheer brown hue. Though there are many options that fit these criteria, I’m always looking for something that adds a bit of sparkle to my sheer lips

Big Girl Cosmetics Diva gloss hits all of my criteria- Here’s a bit about the product from the site: Diva Gloss for the Diva in You! When only the best will pass the test. We’ve paired high shine and great shades to create the ultimate lip gloss. This is the ultra-brilliant formula that delivers transparent shine, sensuous shimmer, and sumptuous shades.

I received a sample of the Berry Diva and I absolutely fell in love… the Diva gloss is currently on sale for $10! Visit Big Girl Cosmetics to order yours today.

Style Item of the Week-Black Opal Mineral Mosaic Palettes

by Lisa

Every once in awhile I come across a product that I truly love and when I love something I have to share it with you! This week, I am happy to introduce Black Opal’s Mineral Mosaic Palettes. These shadows have amazing pigmentation and I frequently find myself using the Gold Galaxy which features colors that range from rich gold, brilliant oranges and the most amazing yellow. Couple my love with the rich colors with the fact that a gold eye paired with a nude lip is very on trend for summer and you have perfect love affair

Black Opal Mineral Mosaic Palettes retails for $8.95

Stay prettiful!

A 3-in-1 Cleanser That Works!

I am always looking for anything that will save me time with my overall “get pretty” routine. Often one- step cleansers fall short of their promises to clean, remove make up and moisturize, and inevitably leave me feeling either too dry, or too oily. Enter Purete Thermale 3-in-1 Facial Cleanser by Vichy. I absolutely love this product! A “One Step Cleanser Cleansing Milk, Toning lotion and eye makeup remover all in one. A combination of ubiquinone, a cellular respiration activator, and nutrient-rich Vichy Thermal Spa Water”

Vichy is great for folks with normal to dry skin, and it leaves you feeling both cleansed and moisturized in one easy step.

Rachel Roy for Macy’s all for less than $150!

Rachel Roy at ShopStyle

Style Item of the Week-MAC Cosmetics- Nail Trend F/W 2009

Renowned nail guru Jin Soon has developed a delicious nail collection for MAC cosmetics. The high-gloss formula comes in three finishes- cream, sheer and frosted and I absolutely love the colors!!Dry martini is a perfect fall neutral with olive green undertones, and Cool Reserve comes in a lilac-pink shade that’s perfect for the fashionista who likes a more understated shade.The colors are available beginning August 27th. photo courtesy of MAC cosmetics


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