Alicia Keys wedding make-up- get the look

by Lisa

This past weekend was yet another popular for nuptials… Chelsea Clinton was wed in what can only be described as a platinum wedding, Tiny and TI took a walk down the aisle in Miami and Alicia Keys married Swizz Beats in the romantic Corsica France with the Mediterranean Sea serving as a back drop to their “I-do’s”

Keys was completely resplendent in a Grecian-inspired Vera Wang gown that did an awesome job of incorporating her baby bump.

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Alicia Keys and Beyonce Girls in a (Brazilian) Hood

Today must be a day of duets! Alicia Keys and Beyonce were spotted in a Brazilian favela (that’s a Portuguese/Brazilian hood) filming a video for “Put it in a love song”.

The song is one of the new tracks from Alicia’s recently released album “The Element of Freedom”



The Plight of the Black Woman’s Hair

The GF will be heading to Playa Del Carmen for some much-needed R&R with my Honey Do, and I am in a serious conundrum about what to do with my crowing glory. Not only is my issue about what to do as I plan to swim everyday whilst on vacation, but I swear to you that I cannot keep a hairstyle because of my 4-5x per week workouts. I was in the gym just last week and the group of sisters who were winding down from serious calorie burning cardio, started complaining that the reason many sisters tip the scales and fall way out of the range of our recommended BMI (Body Mass Index) is because we don’t want to mess up our hair!

That’s another reason why many of us will go to the beach, or pool and never go beyond getting our ankles wet. Well, I am working my way down to a size sexier, and I have been trying to determine the best course of action to keep my wig tight. I have been making twice-weekly visits to the Dominican Mommies to get my wash, set and wrap, but I know all of the blow-drying they do is not helping with keeping my tresses at their healthiest. I’ve been weighing my options, and I really don’t want to go back to being a weave-a-diva, so braids are probably my next best option.

Here’s some inspiration

photo source

Alicia Keys- Fresh takes On Demand

In case you missed the memo, Alicia Keys has been tapped by Dove and MTV to do a micro-series focused on twenty-something women trying to make their big break in NYC.

The series airs during MTV’s runaway hit The Hills, and if you have missed this seasons episodes, you can catch them on MTV on Demand.

Check out a preview of the show here…

Alicia Key’s photo courtesy of

MTV 2007 VMA’s

The 2007 VMA awards took place in Sin City last night and for the most part the show was underwhelming. I literally kept falling asleep on it… I woke up just in time to watch Chris Brown’s performance and I all I can say is Oh Wee! If I were a 16 year old girl, I would seriously consider becoming a full time groupie for this hot cutie on duty. I mean- did he have Michael Jackson down or what?

Speaking of Chris Brown-the young heart throb will grace the cover of the October Vibe which hits news stands on September 11th.

Of course the performances and actual award winners are always secondary to the red carpet for me.

Here are some highlights:

You can catch highlights(lowlights?)from last night on demand at

2007 VMAs

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