Jumping the Broom- Paula Patton Get the Look!

Paula Patton is a certifiable MILF and this Mama’s Day she stars in the highly anticipated movie Jumping the Broom- I had the distinct pleasure of previewing the movie on Valentine’s Day and trust me when I tell you this is the perfect film for you and mom!

Paula Patton plays the breathtakingly beautiful Sabrina Watson from an upper middle class family and she is set to marry the thoroughly delectable Laz Alonso who hails from the other side of the tracks. The entire film unfolds during the couple’s wedding weekend which takes place on the uber upper crust Martha’s Vineyard. The ensemble class also includes Loretta Divine, Angela Bassett and Meagan Good. Trust me when I tell you that mama won’t be disappointed when you treat her to this film on Sunday!

Paula Patton Movie Premier- Get the look:

Sam Fine created the beautiful neutral look for Paula Patton for the LA Premier of the movie- here’s an overview of her gorgeous look:

SKIN: I began dabbing COVERGIRL Queen Collection Natural Hue Concealer in Light directly underneath her eyes, closest to the lashline to highlight and conceal. Then, I used my fingers to apply COVERGIRL Queen Collection Natural Hue Liquid Makeup to unify varied tones and give her skin a flawless, yet natural-looking finish. After applying foundation and setting with powder, I used COVERGIRL Queen Collection Natural Hue Mineral Bronzer in Light Bronze to add luminosity and dimension to the skin. I often suggest using bronzer as blush, but this time I opted for a pop of color using COVERGIRL Cheekers Blush in Classic Pink.

EYES: I decided to go for a clean eye and well-defined eyebrow. Whenever I address brows, I always begin by using COVERGIRL Professional Natural Lash Clear Mascara to groom the brow and hold it in place. Then, I gently stroke pencil through the brow with a pencil a shade lighter than the hair, so it never looks drawn on. I played up Paula’s eyes using liner and lots of mascara. I used COVERGIRL LineExact Liquid Liner in Very Black to draw a fine line that wasn’t overly dramatic, then added a few coats of COVERGIRL LashBlast Fusion Mascara to upper lashes to make eyes appear “lifted”.

LIPS: Lastly, I chose COVERGIRL Queen Collection Lip Color in PowderPuff Pink to complete this feminine, fresh look.

Fashionable Black History- Halle and Iman

As Black History draws to a close I wanted to highlight some of the amazing accomplishments of African-American woman and products that celebrate our unique beauty.

Halle Berry Covers Vogue’s September Issue

The September issue of Vogue is so iconic a movie has been made to highlight all of the work that goes behind creating the issue. Halle Berry is the first black celebrity to be featured on this coveted issue.

photo credit: Vogue
Iman the fashion icon

 For me  the Somalian beauty has always been a symbol of black beauty. She was “discovered” in 1976 by an American photographer while still at university and the rest as they say is fashionable black history.

This year the beauty was acknowledged by  the CFDA as a fashion icon and award that is granted based on having a fabulous sense of style. Iman is the first black woman to be honored with this distinction.

Ambi love the skin I’m in

Hyperpigmentation is an unfortunate reality for many women of color. Ambi has a range of products that address this issue. Try Ambi Gentle cleanser clinically proven to be gentle on our precious skin and use their fade cream product to treat those unwelcomed dark spots.

Check out the Ambi page for more information on their full range of skin care products.

Beyonce in Blackface- L’Officiel Magazine Cover

I love Beyonce, I really do… I admire her hustle, her ability to continuously stay paid and on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

For the upcoming March issue of L’Officiel, the beauty graces not only the cover in celebration of the magazines 90th birthday but the bootylicious one also appears in Black face in a spread which honors Fela Kuti, the Nigerian born musician. The theme apparently for the spread was “African Queen”.

The photos beg the question bold art, or miscalculated misstep for B?

photo credit: L’Officiel

Fashionable Black History-Ann Lowe

As a handful of African-American designers prepare to showcase their vision during the highly anticipated New York Fashion week, this month in particular , they need to pay homage to one of the first African American designers- Ann Lowe born in 1899 in Alabama studied design on New York fashionable Madison Ave at the S.T. Taylor Design School in New York. Though she was largely ignored by her white classmates in design school, Lowe continued to blaze trails having designed for the upper echelon of NY society including The Vanderbilt’s and Rockefellers.

Her other high society client included none other than Jacqueline Bouvier as Lowe was the creative force behind the gown Jacqueline wore when she wed John Kennedy. Her impressive career includes having her work featured in the Mecca of fashionista’s shopping destinations including both Saks Fifth Avenue and Bendels

As we watch the visions of African-Americans being featured on the upcoming coveted NY fashion week, we also need to click our stilettos in honor of Ms. Ann Lowe.

photo source

Fashionable Black History- Diana Ross, designer

Do you remember when you developed a love for fashion? For many girls who came of age in the late 70’s the movie Mahogany probably played a role in cultivating this first love. For the first time there was a woman on screen who liked like our mothers or aunties. She had beautiful soulful eyes and though we may have been clueless about the plot, or story line we fell in love with Billy Dee when he delivered the line “Success is nothing without someone you love to share it with”- and the clothes? Well, they took our breath away.

As we celebrate the many accomplishments of African-Americans during Black History month, my first fashion honoree is the Boss, Ms Ross who remains a living legend and inspiration for many young girls passion for fashion; she designed many of the costumes for the movie Mahogany.

Relaxed or Natural? Apparently that is the question

Yesterday was “natural hair day” in the social media sphere known as twitter. I’m not 100% sure what the purpose was however, the general idea was to demonstrate an overall appreciation for those who have chosen to wear their hair in its natural state. There were lots of tips shared on products, techniques and advice on transitioning from relaxed to natural. Sounds harmless right? Well, unfortunately the topic struck a nerve and created beef that reached east coast vs. west coast rap proportions! I swear the crabs in a barrel mentality came out and begged the question- why can’t we all just get along?

There seems to be a huge amount of stereotypes which have emerged from team relaxed and from team natural…. The major point of those who are natural being that relaxed hair somehow equates with self-loathing and the relaxed sisters stereotyping our natural counterparts as being incense bearing tree huggers…. This of course is ridiculous as we all know there is no one size fits all for our hair choices.
I am a woman who has been bald, natural, weaved, blonde- I believe in being a chameleon when it comes to hair and the bottom line is ensuring that your crown and glory is healthy!!

In honor of embracing authenticity in just being you- whether that means relaxed, or natural here are some of my favorite hair related posts.


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Desiree Rogers lands new gig as CEO of Johnson Publishing

Desiree Rogers, the former White House social secretary has landed on her feet just fine as CEO of the Johnson Publishing Company. As CEO, Rogers will be accountable for the day to day operations of the company. Johnson publishing is the powerhouse behind longtime African-American favorite magazines Ebony and Jet. I personally think this a huge win for all involved. I am looking forward to seeing the changes that will happen particularly at Jet, as I have long thought the magazine was due for an overhaul.

photo source

The Sweeter the Juice

by Lisa

I know many people who feel very strongly about white or red wines. I am a certified wine snob (at least in my mind) and as such, my preference runs to GOOD wine, versus a particular type of libation. In spite of my openness to either red, or white, I do tend to prefer sweeter wines.

One of my dear friends just introduced me to Muscadine, a wine that can be found in North Carolina, or your local wine store.

Here’s a review:

“Duplin’s famous red muscadine wine smells of sugar, berries and dry clay, while not overly complex, the sugar and alcohol are balanced well on the nose. In the mouth the wine has good weight and an intense flavor of Cherry Kool-aid with a heavy amount of sugar, without being syrupy. The fruit flavors of this wine are strong but do seem slightly artificial. This wine is a crowd pleaser, and would be well received by anyone who is a fan of sweet or muscadine wines. This wine has just enough tannins to balance the sugar and make it easy drinking. This muscadine wine is also a solid value at its price point.”



Mary J Blige The Queen of Hip Hop Soul and MUCH More

by Lisa

We all know and love Mary J Blige as the queen of hip hop soul, but what you may not have been aware of is that Queen Mary is also head of her own non-profit Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now Inc (FFAWN). The focus of this organization is to empower, uplift and encourage women to reach their full potential. “Through scholarships, grants, and programs that foster strong self-esteem, career development, and personal growth, FFAWN is intended to help women gain the confidence and skills they need to achieve success”.

Today MJB plans to unveil her new partnership with Carols Daughter and her FFAWN organization. After the show, stay tuned on how to save big on some of your favorite Carol’s Daughter products!

photo courtesy of Carol’s Daughter

Glam Libation Thursday- Take Flight

Glam Libation Thursday- Take Flight
by Lisa

Are you interested in sampling a wide variety of wines? Then a wine flight is the ultimate way to experience a range of varietals or wines from a specific region. Wine flights offer a range wines and can include anywhere from 4 to 50 wines for sampling.

You can find a wine tasting/flight at many restaurants, vineyards, or tasting bars, and a good flight should include some educational component.

Restaurant flights usually offer 3 wines to sample to accompany your appetizer, main entrée, and then conclude with a dessert wine.

Here’s   a sample wine tasting menu.

Bon Appétit!


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