Sonsi Full Figured Fashion Week

June is dedicated to curvy girl fashion as NYC plays host to a bevy of fashionistas, designers and industry insiders for Sonsi Full-Figured Fashion week. FFFweek is not only focused on bringing you the newest in curvy girl fashion, there’s also a sample sale, awards to the best in brightest in the curve-a-sphere and curvy social media icons Ty Alexander from and Marie Denee talked about building a presence in social media.

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Check out some of my favorite looks straight from runway.



Blogger or Writer

Blogger or Writer

Faces of Truth- Beauty Marathon


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DC area beauty photographer Ajani Truth is providing make-up artist with the opportunity to showcase their talents and build their portfolio’s.  Artists will be given the challenge to create beauty looks on the models provided.   The event takes place in Studio 400 and is an awesome opportunity to network, create and of course have fun.

Check out the flyer for details and for more information about Faces of Truth: Beauty Marathon visit or contact

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Prom Chic- Simple, Edgy, Elegant

Recently one of my readers hit me up with questions on how to appropriately accessorize her prom look. My advice is always LESS is MORE -you should wear your clothes not the other way around. The most important advice I can offer is no matter what, you should be comfortable. If you have to spend the entire evening pulling down a dress that feels a wee bit too short, or walking on uncomfortable shoes your dream night could most certainly turn into a nightmare.

The Dress- While your dress will certainly be the focal point of your ensemble, it is important to remember that edgy chic means choosing colors that compliment you and don’t worry about trying to coordinate/match every accessory with your dress.

The Shoes- I personally love shoes that offer an exclamation point to an ensemble versus matching. For example if you are going with a vibrant purple dress, consider wearing nude shoes as a compliment. Matching your shoes to your dress is something your grandmother likely would have done so try to avoid doing this at all cost.

The Accessories- again less is more. If you opt to wear dangling earrings, you run the risk of being over-accessorized if you wear a necklace so be careful when choosing your prom accessories.

The Make-up- I love a smoky eye! So if you opt for a smoky eye, go nude on the lips. I also prefer a vibrant shade of nail color that accents/compliments your dress versus matching your look.

Here’s some inspiration:

Baltimore Style- Preakness

Baltimore’s Pimlico Racetrack serves as home to the second leg of the Triple Crown and trust me when I tell you the red carpet has been rolled out for the droves of people who will travel into town for the 136 running of the Preakness. The truly chic and hopelessly haute will all be rocking the ultimate in Preakness Chic, a hat!

Check out some of my picks for this year.

Paris Fashion Week- Chloe Fall, 2011

Paris Fashion Week is in full swing and yesterday the catwalk of the Jardin des Tuileries was graced with the Chloe presentation. The collection was replete with snake skin and menswear inspired trousers seemed to be de rigueur for the presentation.

My favorite look was a leather ensemble with the most buttery soft, mahogany leather pants that completed the look.

The make-up featured was hippie inspired chic and the models were even given freckles to provide a sun-kissed glow.

The other highlight of the collection was the handbags which have catapulted Chloe to an iconic level.

Menswear chic with a snakeskin twist will be in your wardrobe if Chloe has any say in the matter.

Fashionable Black History-Ann Lowe

As a handful of African-American designers prepare to showcase their vision during the highly anticipated New York Fashion week, this month in particular , they need to pay homage to one of the first African American designers- Ann Lowe born in 1899 in Alabama studied design on New York fashionable Madison Ave at the S.T. Taylor Design School in New York. Though she was largely ignored by her white classmates in design school, Lowe continued to blaze trails having designed for the upper echelon of NY society including The Vanderbilt’s and Rockefellers.

Her other high society client included none other than Jacqueline Bouvier as Lowe was the creative force behind the gown Jacqueline wore when she wed John Kennedy. Her impressive career includes having her work featured in the Mecca of fashionista’s shopping destinations including both Saks Fifth Avenue and Bendels

As we watch the visions of African-Americans being featured on the upcoming coveted NY fashion week, we also need to click our stilettos in honor of Ms. Ann Lowe.

photo source

Fashionable Black History- Diana Ross, designer

Do you remember when you developed a love for fashion? For many girls who came of age in the late 70’s the movie Mahogany probably played a role in cultivating this first love. For the first time there was a woman on screen who liked like our mothers or aunties. She had beautiful soulful eyes and though we may have been clueless about the plot, or story line we fell in love with Billy Dee when he delivered the line “Success is nothing without someone you love to share it with”- and the clothes? Well, they took our breath away.

As we celebrate the many accomplishments of African-Americans during Black History month, my first fashion honoree is the Boss, Ms Ross who remains a living legend and inspiration for many young girls passion for fashion; she designed many of the costumes for the movie Mahogany.

Tom Ford Women’s Wear Revealed

Photos from Tom Ford’s highly anticipated women’s wear collection have been revealed and none other than the bootylicious one- Beyonce was featured ripping the runway.

I have long since been a fan of Tom Ford particularly his fragrance collection and I am truly excited about his foray into women’s fashion.

photo: Harpers Bazaar

All That Glitters

The Christmas Season is in full swing now that we have gotten over the Turkey Day hump and with the holiday season comes the beloved holiday parties! Sequins are on trend in a big way and I must admit this is one trend that I adore.

Whether you are dressing up a pair of jeans for an evening of holiday cocktails or going full glam with a complete sequin dress you can’t go wrong by adding a little sparkle to your wardrobe this season.


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