Beyonce Blonde Bombshell- NEW Feria Ad

photo: L’oreal

If you are a frequent visitor to the GF (and trust, me, I hope you are!) You have probably guessed by now that I am a huge Beyoncé fan. I was cuddled up with the hubby watching TV last night when Beyoncé entered my living room in the form of her new Feria ad… my response was quite simply- WOW. My husband was rendered speechless, as he typically is when he sees the bootylicious one.
Personally, I LOVE the ad, her new blonde ambition, the styling, everything about it screams FAB to me- What are your thoughts?

Relaxed or Natural? Apparently that is the question

Yesterday was “natural hair day” in the social media sphere known as twitter. I’m not 100% sure what the purpose was however, the general idea was to demonstrate an overall appreciation for those who have chosen to wear their hair in its natural state. There were lots of tips shared on products, techniques and advice on transitioning from relaxed to natural. Sounds harmless right? Well, unfortunately the topic struck a nerve and created beef that reached east coast vs. west coast rap proportions! I swear the crabs in a barrel mentality came out and begged the question- why can’t we all just get along?

There seems to be a huge amount of stereotypes which have emerged from team relaxed and from team natural…. The major point of those who are natural being that relaxed hair somehow equates with self-loathing and the relaxed sisters stereotyping our natural counterparts as being incense bearing tree huggers…. This of course is ridiculous as we all know there is no one size fits all for our hair choices.
I am a woman who has been bald, natural, weaved, blonde- I believe in being a chameleon when it comes to hair and the bottom line is ensuring that your crown and glory is healthy!!

In honor of embracing authenticity in just being you- whether that means relaxed, or natural here are some of my favorite hair related posts.


TLC for my tresses

The Plight of the Black Woman’s Hair

Hey Mami

Getting Wiggy with it

Go Shorty

Go Shorty….

Short hair it seems is making a strong come-back. We used to have Halle as our short hair icon, and before her, fashionista’s everywhere were taking pictures of the girl-next door beauty Toni Braxton asking for a version of her cut. Now it seems everyone from Janet Jackson to Keri Hilson are de-weaving and chopping off their locks to glam-certified short-lengths… I am finding myself inspired by the authenticity that short hair brings.

I love all the looks, but I’m leaning towards channeling the ever-beautiful Nia Long’s cut. In fact, I’ve already sent a copy of her latest ‘do to my stylist for cutting reference.

Who’s your favorite?



Have You Seen Solange’s New ‘do??


I realize that photos of Solange Knowles new weavalicious ‘fro have been circulating since earlier this week, however I could not resist posting “Solo” with her new ‘do.

Her hair, just like her personal style is slightly irreverent, edgy with tons of attitude. Once again, Solange gets a BRAVO for her ability to color outside the lines with pitch-perfect precision.

photo source

Janet Jacksons Hair Evolution- Short Hair Debut

by Lisa

Okay I will admit it…. When I first spotted pictures of Janet sporting a slicked-back short hair cut I really hated it. In fact, when Princess Dominique posted pictures on Twitter,  I believe my response was something like-I’m not sure what look she was going for, but Janet somehow missed the mark.

Well, after my preliminary dislike, pictures surfaced with Janet looking red-carpet fab and I had to recant my initial distaste for Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty’s hair. In fact, Janet’s new do is decidedly grown and sexy and my cousin reminded me that the slick back made her look more youthful , very much like her 1982 debut album cover.

Bless These Tresses

Many of the GF’s readers know that I was in a serious conundrum over what to do with my hair for the summer. Upcoming vacations, combined with serious cardio workouts were leaving me feeling not so fly in the hair department.

I sent out an SOS and one of the responses I received was from African Pride. Just to give you some background- I was going to the Dominican salons twice weekly for blowouts, and my crowning glory was definitely manifesting the ill effects from the blow dryer heat.

I decided to braid my hair in individual braids, mixing #27 and #4 wet and wavy hair. Before getting my braids, I washed and conditioned with African Pride Healing Shampoo and Herbal Leave in conditioner. The conditioner promises to “heal damaged and brutalized hair” and the combination of the two products have done wonders for my mane!!

My hubby who has locs also loves both products and I am looking forward to trying the Deep Conditioning relaxer once I remove my braids.

Please visit African Pride for more product details.

The Plight of the Black Woman’s Hair

The GF will be heading to Playa Del Carmen for some much-needed R&R with my Honey Do, and I am in a serious conundrum about what to do with my crowing glory. Not only is my issue about what to do as I plan to swim everyday whilst on vacation, but I swear to you that I cannot keep a hairstyle because of my 4-5x per week workouts. I was in the gym just last week and the group of sisters who were winding down from serious calorie burning cardio, started complaining that the reason many sisters tip the scales and fall way out of the range of our recommended BMI (Body Mass Index) is because we don’t want to mess up our hair!

That’s another reason why many of us will go to the beach, or pool and never go beyond getting our ankles wet. Well, I am working my way down to a size sexier, and I have been trying to determine the best course of action to keep my wig tight. I have been making twice-weekly visits to the Dominican Mommies to get my wash, set and wrap, but I know all of the blow-drying they do is not helping with keeping my tresses at their healthiest. I’ve been weighing my options, and I really don’t want to go back to being a weave-a-diva, so braids are probably my next best option.

Here’s some inspiration

photo source

Katie Holmes does it again!

Seriously- can we talk about Katie Holmes hair? I’m not sure who is influencing our little Kate (Victoria Beckham anyone?) but girlfriend is looking fabulously turned out! When I first blogged about her chopping off her locks and forever banishing Joey of Dawson’s Creek, several of my readers thought she looked matronly. You can check out that post “short and sweet” here. Now Ms. Holmes is a bona fide fashion force to be reckoned with.

"Say no to the ‘fro"

Glamour magazine has proven yet again that black beauty is totally misunderstood by mainstream culture. The popular magazine that is well known for their do’s and dont’s has recently come under fire because an associate editor- Ashley Baker claimed that natural hair was a big DON’T for black women. Ms. Baker has subsequently resigned from the magazine; In spite of the resignation I won’t be picking up the magazine when I dash through the airport and need some light reading for my next flight. Instead, I will stick to the tried but true Essence Magazine- “Where Black Women (and their hair) Come First”

photo courtesy of ABC news

Short and Sweet

If you haven’t noticed long, flowing hair is out- and short and edgy is in. I have been committing one of the seven deadly sins- coveting Rhianna’s hair for weeks, and now added to the list of most wanted tresses is Katie Holmes. Check out her new do!

photo courtesy of In Style


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