Janet Jackson Divinely Janet Barbie

Mattel has designed a Barbie doll in the image of the Grammy-award winning Janet Jackson. Her gown, designed by Jacqueline Gonzalez is based on the likeness of the chic ensemble adorned by Janet during her highly acclaimed American Idol performance. The doll is currently being auctioned off by Project Angel Food.

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photo: Mattel

Janet Jackson- fabulosity in BlackGlama

Janet Jackson’s level of fabulosity continues to reach new heights with her latest appearance in a Times Square billboard. I know the folks at PETA are going a bit stir crazy with Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty’s decision to adorn a BlackGlama mink- however I am a fan of the ultimate in luxury fur and Janet Jackson has managed to look more breathtaking at 40 than she has throughout the entire span of her illustrious career. The billboard evokes the question- What becomes a legend most? Isn’t the answer obvious? You, Janet wrapped in that gorgeous fur is a great start.

Janet Jackson on American Idol 2010

Janet Jackson is shaping up to be the fashionista of the WEEK for the GF. She absolutely KILLED it on the season finale of American idol. I have to be honest, I have not been paying a bit of attention to the idol franchise this season, but when I heard that Miss Janet was performing, I tuned in. Unfortunately I missed her performance, but YouTube is always a great plan B. Her hair, make-up and even the vampire-chic dress were simply flawless. I love the fact that Janet is taking the crown of FAB from the youngin’s who are HALF her age.

Janet Jacksons Hair Evolution- Short Hair Debut

by Lisa

Okay I will admit it…. When I first spotted pictures of Janet sporting a slicked-back short hair cut I really hated it. In fact, when Princess Dominique posted pictures on Twitter,  I believe my response was something like-I’m not sure what look she was going for, but Janet somehow missed the mark.

Well, after my preliminary dislike, pictures surfaced with Janet looking red-carpet fab and I had to recant my initial distaste for Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty’s hair. In fact, Janet’s new do is decidedly grown and sexy and my cousin reminded me that the slick back made her look more youthful , very much like her 1982 debut album cover.

Janet Jackson graces the cover of Vibe Vixen

Vibe Vixen is absolutely one of my favorite magazines- it’s hip-hop, neo-soul and fashion all rolled into one. The ultimate vixen- Janet Jackson graces the April/May cover and she opens up about her brother Michael, plastic surgery, and her willingness to give Jermaine Dupree babies (if he wants them). Get some love from the delectable Idris Elba and go behind the scenes with gossip radio queen, Wendy Williams.

Pick up your issue on April 3rd!

Janet Jackson to star in next Tyler Perry film

Tyler Perry has somehow managed to get the youngest of the Jackson tribe- Janet, to star in his upcoming film “Why did I get married”. Also slated to star in the film is Jilly from Philly, Jill Scott and Sharon Leal who was recently featured in Dreamgirls.

Lionsgate recognizes that there is definitely and audience for Perry’s films, however the Madea franchise is what has had the biggest impact on the box office, so there is pressure for Madea to make an appearance in Perry’s newest effort. The film begins production in Atlanta in a few weeks.

Janet Jackson’s disappointing sales cost JD his JOB

Janet Jackson seen here, beautifully garbed in a kimono as she promotes her new album 20 YO in Tokyo.

Jermaine Dupree has allegedly lost his position as head of urban music for Virgin Records. Apparently his pink slip was delivered as a result of lackluster sales of Janet’s new album. Jason Flom, head of Virgin is using this opportunity to clean house with the labels urban division and will be restructuring the urban music department.

Janet Jackson FULL listening party for 20 YO

Click on the link for an opportunity to listen to Janet’s full album.
20 YO listening

Janet Jackson clears up secret baby rumors

There have been many Internet and email rumors circulating indicating that Janet had a secret baby by former hubby James Debarge. Well, Janet finally sets the record straight. Click here for the full article: Janet rumors

Janet Jackson- graces cover of Italian Vanity Fair

Janet Jackson recently graced the cover of Vanity Fair magazine and she makes 40 look fabulous!! The preliminary reviews of her new album 20 Y.O suggests that she is truly about to knock out all of the competition. True Janet fans will not be disappointed as Miss Janet takes control…


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