Jill Scott Storytellers- Sneak Peek!

Storytellers, which delivers an intimate look into artists lives a well as feature live performances, will air on May 21st at 11pm. The first artist is one of my favs- Jilly from Philly. Here’s a sneak peek into the show that was taped at New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom. Jill asks attendees are they blessed up in the house and encourages them to taste the fruits of their labor before she launches into her newly released single Blessed.

Check out the sneak peek!

The Plight of the Black Woman’s Hair

The GF will be heading to Playa Del Carmen for some much-needed R&R with my Honey Do, and I am in a serious conundrum about what to do with my crowing glory. Not only is my issue about what to do as I plan to swim everyday whilst on vacation, but I swear to you that I cannot keep a hairstyle because of my 4-5x per week workouts. I was in the gym just last week and the group of sisters who were winding down from serious calorie burning cardio, started complaining that the reason many sisters tip the scales and fall way out of the range of our recommended BMI (Body Mass Index) is because we don’t want to mess up our hair!

That’s another reason why many of us will go to the beach, or pool and never go beyond getting our ankles wet. Well, I am working my way down to a size sexier, and I have been trying to determine the best course of action to keep my wig tight. I have been making twice-weekly visits to the Dominican Mommies to get my wash, set and wrap, but I know all of the blow-drying they do is not helping with keeping my tresses at their healthiest. I’ve been weighing my options, and I really don’t want to go back to being a weave-a-diva, so braids are probably my next best option.

Here’s some inspiration

photo source

Jill Scott in all Her Curvy Girl Glory

Jill Scott, who in my opinion is one of the most powerful, singers/actresses on the scene is slated to grace the cover of the May issue of Allure magazine. The size 16 beauty will be featured in the ‘buff’ along with Angie Harmon, Gabrielle Union, Zoe McLellan and Ana Ortiz who are featured. The May issue focuses on a celebration of the various shapes of the female form.

Jill Scott photo courtesy of Essence

Why did I get married? Go see the movie and find out!

The GF worked from (ahem)”home” today, so during “lunch” I found myself and one of my BFF’s at our local Muvico. Because I love to support black movies during the all important first weekend, I went to check out “Why did I get married?” Boy oh boy, Tyler Perry did his thing with this movie! Every artist and creator should be able to grow and improve with each project and I can definitely see tremendous growth in TP. The ‘dramedy’ stars Janet Jackson as part of an ensemble cast of best friends who travel for an annual couples retreat. When secrets are aired over dinner one night, each of the couples are forced to take an honest look at their relationships… I will leave the rest of the details for you to watch for yourself, but support the movie by seeing it THIS WEEKEND.

Though Janet Jackson was the ‘star’ of the film, it was Jilly from Philly Scott who stole the movie for me.

Jill Scott is hands down one of my favorite divas who represents beautifully for curvy girls. She has a new album out which is probably one of her most self-reflective works to date, and she is the primary reason I think you should go discover the answer to the question- Why did I get married?

photo source

Jilly from Philly- Jill Scott

According to BV Newswire, the Neo-Soul Diva, Jill Scott will be divorcing from her long time love Lyzel Williams. Her soon to be former beaux was the muse behind many of Ms. Scott’s popular hits including ‘He Loves Me (Lyzel In E Flat)’.

Jilly from Philly has a new hit Hate on Me, I wonder if her hubby was inspiration for this little diddy?

Hate on Me Preview


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