Kmart Concierge at your Service

Anyone attending New York Fashion Week will tell you that in spite of the excitement over the latest trends, the gorgeousness of a perfectly biased cut dress, or color combinations and prints that make you drool, fashion week is not for the faint of heart.   I am always humbled with each invite I receive and am thoroughly giddy when I actually see a presentation, but trust, the experience is grueling… there are early mornings, late nights and feet that will curse you if you even THINK of donning a stiletto.  This is where Kmart Concierge comes in… the lovely folks over at Kmart came up with the GENIUS concept of delivering much needed relief to fashionistas at the tents ( or anywhere else in NYC) during fashion week.   With a simple tweet to @Kmartfashion a bag of Altoids, Advil and much needed flats  or anything else from a list of items could be delivered to you.

I decided to take advantage of the service on my last day of Fashion Week and I was greeted by the gorgeous Christine… here’s a picture of her delivering my goodies.


Kmart Concierge delivery at Lincoln Center


In case, I forgot- THANK YOU @KmartFashion…

Love Your Style- Kmart

I must admit when I heard the words fashion presentation and Kmart in the same sentence I was more than a little skeptical.  For me Kmart has always represented a retailer where you buy patio furniture or toilet paper and I certainly had not considered them to be a fashion destination.

Well trust me when I tell you Kmart is no longer simply home to the blue light special- they have bona-fide, fashionista approved clothes in the form of the Love Your Style line.  I had an opportunity to hear from stylist to the stars Jorge Ramon as well as the design team behind LYS.  The team was incredibly receptive to what the room-full of curvy bloggers had to say on everything from whether plus sized shoppers want to see a separate section for their clothing, to the best way to utilize social media to evangelize this very haute collection of clothing.

I was so impressed with the collection that I left the conference and walked straight to the Kmart in Herald Square. Trust me ladies, this is not a collection to be missed!

 Here are some highlights from the LYS collection.  Don’t you love it?  


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