Beyonce to release new project this summer

Apparently the self-imposed hiatus for our beloved Beyonce is coming to an end as she has been hard at work on a new CD.

Earlier this month the bootylicious one appeared in Roberto Cavalli drag in what appeared to be either a photo shoot for her upcoming album cover or a video; well music industry insiders are indicating that after hearing 6 preliminary tracks from her latest project that her work is “groundbreaking”. Sony Music head Denis Handlin indicated that “she has gone to another level”.

I for one will be willing to fork up my money for her latest offering- how about you?

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Janelle Monae- The Quirky Fashionista

by Lisa

If Janelle Monae is not on your radar, she will be. This natural hair beauty has a fashion sense that can be best be described as “quirky”. She apparently walks to the beat of her own drum and is unapologetic if you miss the rhythm of her beat. The Kansas City native originally set out to pursue an acting career, but her love of music quickly took over, and a move to the ATL, and introduction to OutKast’s Big Boi led to her founding Wondaland Arts Society which is a consortium of artists and a turn to pursue yet another passion- music.

Monae received a Grammy nom for her initial release Metropolis in the category of best alternative/urban artist. She is now signed to Bad Boy, and her latest offering The Arch Android is slated for release on May 18th.

The Queen of Neo-Soul Erykah Badu is Back

by Lisa

If neo-soul has a monarchy, then the reigning queen of the genre Erykah Badu is back with a vengeance with the release of her newest album New Amerykah Part 2: The Return of the Ankh’. As the name suggests, this album is the second installment of her 2008 New Amerykah release. The internet has been buzzing all weekend about the controversial video where Ms. Badu shows off her sizable assets for her Window Seat single.

The album artwork is haute, and from what I’m hearing, Ms. Badu will continue to retain her crown as the Queen.

New Amerykah Part 2: The Return of the Ankh will be released on March 30th.

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Maxwell’s Bad Habits

Now I done already told you that this is one my favorite Cd’s of the summer. Maxwell is back in a BIG way, and this sexy, seductive video had me fanning myself and longing for more. mmm, mmm,mmm!

Check out the sultry, soul singer on the cover of Giant magazine- Lawd have mercy!

photo courtesy of Giant magazine

I am officially in LOVE- Maxwell’s Black Summers Night

Now like I said in an earlier post, I have been seriously outta the loop due to my hectic travel schedule; as a result, I JUST picked up Maxwell’s latest offering-Black Summers Night, and LAWD have mercy!

That man KNOWS how to produce straight up baby making hits.

I love the entire cd, however “Bad Habits” is the one cut that’s likely to make me somebody’s mama.

check it out!

Mary Mary- "The Sound"

The dynamic duo known is Mary Mary is back with a vengeance. There new cd “ The Sound” features artists ranging from David Banner to Kiki Sheppard and though the albums message is clearly focused on saving souls, the majority of the cuts are extremely radio friendly. This is one of the reasons I really like these soulful sisters. They are beautiful, talented, and they make no bones about the fact that they are all about ministry through music. Stand outs on their latest offering include “Get-up”, “Seattle”, and “Forgiven Me”.


I think I have already professed my serious love for Common. Not only is he fine as hell, but the man is truly talented. Did you catch him doing his acting thing in Smokin’ Aces, and most recently in American Gangster? Whew!

His new album Finding Forever is an instant classic. If you recall the first time you heard Tribe Call Quest wax poetic in “Check the Rhyme” or “Jazz”, then you understand the impact that Common’s new album has to true hip hop impresario’s.

For me hip hop has been dead- sure Lupe Fiasco does his thing, and Jay-Z comes out with a lukewarm hit every now and again, but short of these two artist, the country-fried music that has been labeled hip hop simply does not do it for me… not only do I not understand what the hell is being said, I’m being blinded by all the gold fronts! Enough said. Enter Common, who has resurrected hip hop- Misunderstood is a stand out, as is his cut with Lily Allen- Drivin’ Me Wild- actually I love the whole album.

Shout out to Derek Dudley – I remember when you were managing Common(Sense) from your dorm room in Slowe Hall! I’m proud of you.

Please do yourself a favor, and cop this modern day classic.


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MTV 2007 VMA’s

The 2007 VMA awards took place in Sin City last night and for the most part the show was underwhelming. I literally kept falling asleep on it… I woke up just in time to watch Chris Brown’s performance and I all I can say is Oh Wee! If I were a 16 year old girl, I would seriously consider becoming a full time groupie for this hot cutie on duty. I mean- did he have Michael Jackson down or what?

Speaking of Chris Brown-the young heart throb will grace the cover of the October Vibe which hits news stands on September 11th.

Of course the performances and actual award winners are always secondary to the red carpet for me.

Here are some highlights:

You can catch highlights(lowlights?)from last night on demand at

2007 VMAs

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Summer, Summer, Summertime

The GF loves the summer months- not for the fashions, fall holds first place for fulfilling my fashion jones; summer is the time when less is certainly more, and chic for me is a wife beater and pearls. You can keep the heat, but lord knows the GF loves her summer concerts and festivals!

NY’s Central Park is home to Summerstage, where UK import Joss Stone will be performing tomorrow night.


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