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Edge Control For The Win

influence glazed edges

It’s August and though fall is on the horizon this is the hottest month of the year; if you’re natural like me than you know the struggle the humidity can have on your hair. I have quite honestly given up on rocking my ‘fro as I’m not partial to truly looking like Frederick Douglas. Instead, […]

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“Gone Natural”?

First of all, I have not  “gone natural”  I simply took my weave out one day and discovered that  trimming my ends regularly between weaves and wearing my hair braided under my Spanish wavy tresses, my hair was more “natural” then relaxed.  I make this important distinction right off the bat because my hair is […]

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“Good” Hair

I have always had hair that presented a distinct challenge for my mother. You see she grew up in an era where the hot comb ruled and when I came along with my decidedly tough to manage tresses a relaxer became a part of my routine somewhere around the age of 9. I don’t hold […]

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The Highs and Lows of a Naturalista

It’s 8:45 AM on September 26th and – I am currently sitting here with tears in my eyes… not because of another sad love song, or anything quite that mushy- rather it’s because I am what our aunties and grandmothers have referred to as “tender-headed” and I am struggling to comb through two week old […]

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