When Your Stylist Suggests The Creamy Crack

I have a friend who has had just about every style under the sun: weaves, sister-Locs, braids and most recently natural hair.  During a recent salon  visit to her stylist suggested that she cut her natural hair and relax it in order to “start over.” I can’t quite explain why this particular guidance annoyed me, however  my initial thoughts are with hairstylists relationships it is so important to be equally yoked.  There is much to be said about having the same mission and vision when it comes to your hair. If your stylist somehow finds your abundant natural hair “bothersome” instead of celebrating your waves, kinks or coils run in the opposite direction.  On one hand I can somewhat understand the guidance around the need for a cut, but the relaxer recommendation? Not so much.  The fact that a seasoned stylist would give this advice to my fellow naturalista prompted me to reach out to my friend Cataanda J who serves as both a Carols Daughter ambassador and a member of the L’oreal Pro Team for some guidance on the matter. Her recommendations include:

Amla Combing Cream: It’s a light weight hydrating lotion that will detangle without breakage. You apply to damp/towel dried hair and It promotes a soft, shiny finish; it will define curls for a wash and go style and is also  good for twist outs and blow styles.

Amla Combing Cream

Amla Combing Cream

L’Oréal Advanced Haircare Total Repair 5:  The conditioner detangles on contact and leaves the hair supple and shiny. For extra treatment the mask is recommended as step 2 prior to the conditioner. Leave on for 5 minutes then apply conditioner.

L'oreal Total Repair

L’oreal Total Repair

Carol’s Daughter’s Monoi line: The benefits are anti-breakage and moisture. The anti breakage spray is #1 for sealing the ends. Most in transition experience breakage at the line of demarcation between the relaxed hair and natural hair. 

Carol's Daughter anti-breakage spray

Carol’s Daughter anti-breakage spray

Cataanda J does agree that one of the best ways to transition to natural hair is the big chop, however these product recommendations will help maintain the health of your hair if you’re not quite ready and you want your hair to get to a certain length before cutting it off.

I transitioned my relaxed hair by wearing a weave until I got to a point where I was ready to go “all in” with my natural hair.

Remember to look for a stylist that respects your hair journey and use products that maintain the health of your hair.


Book Your Runway Curls Glamover!

Runway Curls

Runway Curls

The Natural Hair Expo is taking place in Birmingham on March 28th and Runway Curls, the 100% textured, Ethiopian, virgin hair line is offering an opportunity for a complete Glam Over during the show. The Glam Over is a natural hair make over and includes hair, installation, styling, makeup and products. Spaces are extremely limited and this incredible package valued at $1,000 is a steal for only $325!

The package includes:

1 Ticket to the 4th Annual Natural Hair & Health Expo
2 Bundles Runway Curls Ethiopian Textured Extensions
Professional Installation and Styling
Design Essentials Natural Maintenance Kit
Professional Make-up
& Glam Photo

You can book your Runway Curls Glamover by visiting Runway Curls

#FrotallyFlawless Event Recap

india dropping knowledge

from l-r @imccleod, @felicitystarr, @keetaray @iheartnaturals


products convo




Trina- I woke up like this

Trina- I woke up like this

On a  warm Saturday a few naturalistas and those they love got together for food, fun, product swaps and an amazing panel discussion moderated by Trina Megginson and featuring hair guru’s India McCleod, @KeetaRay and @Felicitystarr. The panelists all dished on properly caring for your natural tresses, debunking myths of natural hair and offering up great perspective on life in general. The panel felt like a conversation in your best friends living room, curled up on the sofa and simply swapping advice.
Some of my favorite highlights came from my salon owner India McCleod who was very instrumental in helping me with my personal transition to natural hair. Her advice was simple- wear a scarf to bed. I know this is not always a popular option for those of us with a boo, but just get your groove on first and then tie that hair up! McCleods reasoning is that a scarf can help not only protect your hair it can prevent you from losing moisture in your cotton pillow cases.
Some of the other really sound advice included:
1. Stop stressing over length and shrinkage- why are naturalistas so hung up on length checks anyway? You have made the decision to *go* natural- just focus on overall health and taking care of your hair – after all, healthy hair IS good hair
2. Understand how any underlying health issues may play a role in your hair health- if you are caught up on length, it’s important to understand that your hair may not be where you want it to be because of something else that’s going on in your body. Diet, WATER and exercise does the body AND the hair right
3. Get routine trims- India who was the only stylist on the panel suggested trims every 8-12 weeks. Though many naturalistas do not like to straighten their hair, her recommendation was that the best trim comes from straightened hair
4. Learn what works for your hair- If you’re natural you have likely experienced someone who is either transitioning or newly natural running up to you in order to ask what do you use in your hair? This question is always funny to me because product choice for natural hair is NOT one-size fits all. Listen to advice, watch the YouTube videos but ultimately the right product mix is going to come from trial and error; once you find something that works for you stick to it! There is nothing more disappointing than spending time (and money) trying something new only to achieve less than desirable results.

Style Item of The Week- I.McCleod Shea Butter

I. McCleod Shea Butter
If there’s one thing I have learned since I have fully transitioned to rocking my natural hair, it’s that there is no such thing as too much moisture- hydration and the right blend of butter, oil, or whatever your preferences may be is essential in order to prevent breakage and keep your natural tresses happy.

About a week ago the owner of the salon that helped me transition- India McCleod launched a line of products that include a shea butter that is nothing short of decadent. My stylist, Mica used it for my latest twist out and not only is the fragrance amazing, my hair loved the shea butter combination.

If you are considering transitioning your hair or are already natural and are looking for great protective styling options, check out the ladies at I.McCleod.
Follow India on Instagram- @imccleod or my stylist Mica- @mom_e_Mica for all of your natural ( or relaxed!) hair needs.

Ouidad Hosts Google+ Hangout THIS Sunday #FRIZZ101


Ouidad known as the “Queen of Curl” for her wildly popular range of products for curly girls of all types will be participating in her first Google+ hangout on this Sunday, March 23rd from 2:30-3:30 EST- an added plus? The hangout is being moderated by my boo Ty Alexander of Gorgeousingrey.com. you can submit questions in advance by using the hashtag #FRIZZ101 via Ouidad’s twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages.

RSVP to the Google + Event: https://plus.google.com/b/115791409929036885941/events/cmri1dn6men40v2dmpnl4bdrsuk

Ouidads Google + Page- plus.google.com/+OuidadTheCurlExperts

Other beauty and style experts participating in the hangout include: Evelyn Lugo of EvCurlGurl.com, Renae Bluitt of In Her Shoes Blog.com, Andrea Kerbuski of Blonde Bedhead.com, Crystal Tate of StyleBlazer.com and Christina Patrice of Mane Objective.com

Follow Ouidad in social media:
Facebook: Ouidad
Instagram: @Ouidad
Twitter: @Ouidad
Google+: plus.google.com/+OuidadTheCurlEx

Debunking Natural Hair Myths

Natural hair has become the great divide in the black community. From high profile media personalities like Wendy Williams claiming natural hair is not sexy, to folks who wear relaxers saying that women with natural hair look unkempt it takes great confidence to be happily nappy.

I for one have tightly coiled natural hair that is currently colored in a shade of red that does not exist in nature. When I have my fro unleashed I inevitably get compliments and even found myself having a 30 minute conversation with a random woman when I was in Rite Aid picking up a script. Her name was Stephanie and she was eager to know exactly what I had done to my hair to achieve the look. Here’s the dirty little secret of natural hair-One size does not fit all when it comes to the perfect product. Sure there are products that are my go-to’s but the reality is on a particularly bad hair day, I’m likely to look like Frederick Douglas-for real.

The bottom line is you cannot be lazy with natural hair; You have to find products that work well for you and once you find a routine that works- stick to it.

Here are some top myths about natural hair according to two of my girls who’s curls are enviable, healthy and just plain gorgeous:

Sherrie Wood, @victorie82 on IG

1. The biggest (myth) being that it is easier to maintain and is less expensive

2. It’s unprofessional

3. Men don’t like it and prefer straighter hair

4. It’s not versatile and you can only have a afro or braids

Trina Meggison, @iheartnaturals on IG


1. Because natural hair has no chemicals in it, you don’t have to take care of it

2. Your hair grows faster if it’s natural. No, hair growth is based on your diet, how you care for your hair, and genetics

3. Naturals can heat train their hair. Any excessive heat will cause damage and/or alter your curl pattern. What you called trained may just be damaged or weakened strands

What’s the primary myth you want to debunk around natural hair?


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