Lux Hair Wig Review


Let me preface this post by saying I have never been a *wiggy*. I’ve been known to don a weave when I wanted to add length, change my color or just needed an opportunity to give my natural hair a break. However, wigs have never truly been part of my hair arsenal. I always wanted to try them and viewed wigs as perhaps the step-sister to the weaves I’ve always worn. When the opportunity came to try a wig I was excited at the prospect of experiencing something I’ve always been curious about. Enter Lux Hair a new collection created by Sherri Shepherd. The collection is affordable ranging in price from $69-89.00 and offers versatility in style and color options. I opted for style #1103- the lace from curl-intense medium in light to dark auburn. The wig is made of keralon and has the ability to withstand heat up to 325 degrees. I found it relatively easy to apply and only needed to trim a bit of the lace around the perimeter in order to create a natural hair line.

When I first told my husband about the wig his immediate response was “oh we don’t do those” but the moment he saw me wearing it the look in his eyes told me we had a winner.

Sherri Shepherd will be showcasing the collection on QVC on May 17th. For more details on the collection visit The collection is also available at,,,,,, and

I was so excited to try the wig when I first got it, I snapped a pic and posted it to Instagram:


I took a few pics outside to the vibrancy of the color and the texture:



QVC to Launch Isaac Mizrahi’s Fabulous Fragrance during Fashion’s Night Out

New York Fashion Week kicks off this week and there are tons of events, designer presentations and of course one of my favorite NYFW events- Fashions Night Out!  This year marks the fourth anniversary of the shopping event which has grown significantly with celebrity appearances , discounted shopping and new product launches occurring nationwide. One of my favorite guilty shopping pleasures QVC will participate in Fashion Night Out by premiering the launch of designer Isaac Mizrahi’s new fragrance- Fabulous. Tune in on Thursday, September 6th  from 9pm- midnight for the unveiling of the fragrance, which combines the notes of citrus, musk and peony.

QVC IO Beauty Launch- CONTEST!

QVC will be launching a revolutionary new skin care solution IO- that essentially is a product that combines your external skin regime with ingestible skin care; therefore offering a comprehensive solution for both inner and outer beauty.


IO was developed by renowned beauty expert Sue Devitt and leading nutritionist Tanya Zuckerbrot and the official launch of the product will be taking place on Friday, February 17th at 10 pm during the Lisa Robertson show.


I am pleased to offer my readers an opportunity to win IO!!


Here’s how:

  1.  Tune into the official launch of IO on QVC at 10 pm on 2/17
  2. Send the correct responses to the following questions to:

Q1: What does I/O stand for?

Q2: For topical application to the skin, what other IO Beauty product would you mix the booster with?

Q3: What type of special “delivery system” is used in IO Beauty?

Q4: What are 2 of the active ingredients: (any 2 of the below)

Q5: How many ORAC units (the scientific measure of antioxidants) does the IO Beauty Booster deliver?


Answer all 5 questions correctly and one lucky winner will be selected to win IO products!!

(winner will be contacted via email)


Want to stay in touch with IO Beauty? Here’s how:

TWITTER: @ShopIOBeauty




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