NY Fashion Week- Real Style

I truly adore  NY Fashion Week and as much as I love getting a glimpse into what is going to be hot in the upcoming season I am equally as impressed by the real style of the very stylish folks I encounter at the shows.


Here’s some real style for your viewing pleasure.

Real Style- Baltimore

If fashion were Cinderella, Baltimore would  inevitably be cast in the role of the awkward step sister; however I am bound and determined to prove there is real style to be found in my home town! Trust, me it’s not always easy however there are some rare moments when I come across folks with daring, beyond the cookie-cutter style.

I encountered  these three effortless chic Baltimoreans at a recent fundraiser hosted by one of my favorite bloggeristas Ty of Gorgeous in Grey.

Ty (@ohmyty)


Calvin (@kj2dotcom)

Kee (@calicutie)

What do you think??


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