Style Item of the Week- Avon Attraction


Attraction photo courtesy of Avon

Attraction photo courtesy of Avon


The holiday shopping season is in full swing and if you are anything like me you inevitably find yourself doing a bit of shopping for yourself while you’re trying to figure out the ideal gift for your loved ones. I for one fancy myself a perfumista so perfume in any form is a gift that I love to both give and receive. I love a wide range of fragrances- Bond 9 Perfumista is one of my signature fragrances; another one of my current faves is Attraction by Avon. The top notes include blackberry, pink pepper and peach nectar and one of the base notes is rock rose a floral note that tends to be consistent in all of my favorites.  Imagine my delight when purchasing a gift set including shower gel, lotion and fragrance when I realized that Avon was running a BOGO special. For a limited time you can purchase a complete set and get a second one for a total of $50 bucks. With this special you can buy a gift set for you and your bestie or opt to get the men’s gift set which includes after shave conditioner, hair and shower gel and the men’s cologne. If you are a fragrance snob and can’t imagine buying a fragrance from Avon you should know that Avon partners with global perfumers to cultivate its intoxicating line of fragrances. This is not your grandmothers Avon.

Attraction is a great gift for you and the special someone in your life and for the low price of $50 for a gift for you and someone else is virtually a steal.
For more details or to purchase please visit  Avon.

Style Item of the Week- Votre Vu Multi-Vitamin Oil

Let me just admit this right now… I am fairly lazy when it comes to my beauty routine.  I look for products that serve multiple functions- make up remover towelettes that also exfoliate? Yes! A facial scrub that also includes salicylic acid for those times of the month when my skin is acne-prone- sign me right on up.  So imagine my recent surprise and delight when I happened across a product that could be used on my body, face AND hair?  You see, a few weeks ago I was doing some serious purging and happened upon a bag of goodies from last year’s fashion week. Included in the bag was a product called Votre Vu.  The label boasted multiple uses for hair, face and body and because I was running low on products for all of those areas I cracked it open and used it après shower. I can honestly say I was in deep love from the word “go”. The light fragrance and emollient formula was the perfect moisturizer post shower, especially with these soaring temperatures and humidity we’ve had this summer.  I loved how moisturizing the product was and I was able to get dressed with out having to worry about getting any residue on my clothes.


Check out Votre Vu  for more details and to make a purchase.

photo courtesy of Votre Vu

Style Item of the week- Hello Kitty Tee, Forever 21

I have an undeniable jones for both graphic tees and Hello Kitty. I have been in love with the ubiquitous kitty since I was a wee fashionista and for some reason, my love of her has not subsided. Rather than shun what is clearly an icon left over from my childhood, I embrace her and consider myself a Hello Kitty collector. With my love of Ms. Kitty truly being undeniable, imagine my delight when I happened across this delightful tee from Forever 21? An added bonus is the shirt is from the extended size collection so curvy fashionistas get your credit cards out!

Happy shopping,


Style Item of the Week- Iman Global Chic Wheelie Bag

A fashionista must represent whenever she steps out to greet her public. This means she has to be flawless in every aspect-from her shoes, to her bag to sunglasses; she is always impeccably dressed and chicly put together. When walking through the airport, she must be a head turner and there is no better way to capture the attention of kindred fashion spirits by having a piece of luggage that offers up equal parts form, fashion and function.

Iman’s Global Chic Wheelie bag is the PERFECT piece for a fashionista on the go and for the low price of $94 it won’t break your travel budget.

The Iman Global Chic Wheelie can be found on

Style item of the week- Oco Bags

DC Fashion Week bought out some of the best in fashion tastemakers, emerging designers and truly unique accessories! Oco Bags bought to the US by Cynthia O were one of the stand outs in absolutely gorgeous accessories I encountered during fashion week.

Not only are the bags stylish and on trend each is uniquely created by artisans in West Africa combining traditional African fabric with a modern twist.

Embrace the beauty of these gorgeous bags the next time you step out- an Oco Bag will surely give your ensemble the exclamation point a true fashionista needs.

The bags retail from $29-$59 dollars.
Happy Shopping,


Style Item of the Week- Truth to Go Wipes

I am sure that even those who are most diligent about skin care have been tempted to fall asleep with make up on. Let’s face it after a Friday of working all day, drinks with the girls and dancing into the wee hours of the morning the last thing you are concerned about when it’s finally time to hit the bed is a skin care regime.

I know I have been guilty of going to sleep with my make up on so in order to ensure I don’t wake up the next morning with a face full of pimples I am always on the hunt for a dual product that will both effectively remove make up and cleanse my face.

The Ole Henrickson Truth to Go wipes not only do an amazing job of removing all of your daily transgressions, these wipes also include a vanilla citrus scent that will give you the sweetest dreams.

Ingredients include:
Vitamin C Brightens, lightens and tightens
Micro Algae Firms skin and boosts collagen production
CoQ10 Boosts skin repair and regeneration, anti-oxidant
Green Tea Inhibits collagen breakdown

Style item of the week- Chanel Bleu

I am often accused of not showing any love for men’s fashion, or products so this week my style pick is focused on finding something special for the man in your life. There is nothing more attractive than a man who is not only dressed well, but who also smells the part. Whether he has an affinity for Tims, or if he is more comfortable in the boardroom, or the golf course Chanel Bleu is a fragrance that does not disappoint. Christmas and holiday shopping are right around the corner and this delicious fragrance takes some of the guess work out of shopping for that special man in your life.

The Chanel Bleu notes include: Citrus accord, Vetiver and Pink Pepper and retails from $59-79.

One whiff and you will be in love!

Happy Shopping,


Style Item of the Week- The EdgeStick

I am pretty much hopeless when it comes to doing my own hair… granted, I can follow the basic guidelines of wrapping, or pin curling, post professional styling but when it comes to taming my hair from frizzy to fab? Let’s just say it’s not of my core competencies. As a result of my undeniable ineptitude at styling my own hair I am always on the hunt for products that make hair maintenance relatively simple.

I relax my hair. However I do my best to stretch out the time between getting a relaxer and typically try to go at least 10 weeks between relaxers.

When I was first introduced to the EdgeStick, I admittedly had reservations. Any girl who has spent Saturday afternoons getting her ‘kitchen’ straightened by grandma’s hot comb understands the apprehension of trying to straighten her own hair… this is why the edge stick is so incredible because it is virtually impossible to burn yourself. The unique design includes a comb covering a heated unit which will allow you to straighten your edges without worrying about burning your skin.

Features of the EdgeStick™

•Rapidly heats and maintains desired styling temperature with memory heat setting.

•Digital readout indicates desired temperature readiness and temperature setting.

•Swivel cord remains tangle-free during use at any angle or position.

•Heat resistant carrying case fits neatly in a purse or gym bag.

The EdgeStick is suitable for all hair types and retails for $69.00-$79.00  however if you purchase through this  link, Ghetto Fashionista readers can  get 20% off!

Check out the video!

Style Item of the Week- Tokidoki brushes

I firmly believe inside each of us is a little girl who marvels at the fact that we have the opportunity to play ‘grown up’. Playing in my mother’s make-up, trying my best to walk in her high heels, these are the things that occupied my play time as a child. To that end, I am still very much a little girl at heart- my Hello Kitty credit card is proof positive of that fact.

Every once in awhile there are products that are introduced that play up to the dichotomy that is me- grown woman/little girl on the inside so imagine my excitement, no scratch that GLEE when I encountered these Tokidoki (sometimes in Japanese) brushes.

Form, function, and whimsical all in one little package; the Tokidoki brushes are sold exclusively at Sephora.

Style Item of the week- love & toast

I am all about the girly, the smell good, and cute packaging all with a cause. Recently when I was getting a little retail therapy in at South Moon Under, I discovered the amazing love & toast fragrance created by Margot Elena Wells. A portion of each purchase of love& toast goes to the Regional Affiliate of Girls, an organization dedicated to empowering girls to be smart and bold.
The fragrance comes in the cutest roll-on, purse friendly sizes and the hand creams are not only incredibly fragrant, they absorb quickly which is a necessity in this summer heat.

Coconut honey and Mandarin tea are among my favorites, but the entire range of fragrances is simply delicious.


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