Vogue launches Ipad Ap- "Vogue Cover Exclusive"

Vogue has launched its first ever Ipad ap to coincide with its Lady Ga Ga cover; “The Vogue cover exclusive” will essentially offer a behind the scenes look at Ga Ga’s shoot photographed by famed photographer Mario Testino.

Visit Vogue cover ap. To download

photo credit: Vogue magazine

Shopping with Bing!

Looking for opinion from your friend in Atlanta on those Marc Jacobs sunglasses you happened to come across while shopping on Bing? Well the search engine has added a new feature on it shopping channel which allows you to share various items on both Facebook and Twitter in order to get feedback on potential purchases for your friends. Simply click on the “compare prices” option and you will be given the opportunity to share your potential purchases.

The integration of social media into the search engine is Microsoft’s effort at trying to keep a competitive advantage over Google.

Check out the new  Bing Shopping Channel

Happy Shopping!

Jason Wu Cameras?

Jason Wu, the designer behind the now legendary gown worn by first lady Michelle Obama during the inauguration is getting his hustle on with both GE and HSN… Wu has developed line of 12 mega pixel, point, and shoot digital cameras that will be sold exclusively on the Home Shopping Network.

The “Created by Jason Wu”, GE camera can be purchased with either 4GB, or 8GB of memory and range in price from $180- $230 and feature fashionable accessories for the fashionista that needs a camera that’s well- camera ready.


Have you met Ms. Dewey?

My honey do clearly has too much time on his hands… sometime throughout the course of the day he sent me a link to Ms. Dewey, the search engine. Who is Ms. Dewey? I’m glad you asked! She is a virtual librarian who adds her own commentary once you enter in a search. The site is a little slow, and the search results are questionable, however she is incredibly entertaining.

Click Ms. Dewey to experience her for yourself.

Beyonce reveals B-phone

Bee revealed her new Samsung “B-phone” today. The camera/phone/mp3 player will retail for $99 and will be sold to Sprint customers.

The phone will be sold begining November 4th

photo courtesy of NY Daily News

Apple Iphone

The “born on date” for the Apple Iphone is tomorrow at approximately 6pm. The GF must admit that she is a bit of a gadget whore. Video Ipod, check, smart phone, check; because I travel a lot, the video Ipod and my phone are always a close companions in my carry-on bag. With that being said, I am truly excited about the release of this phone. It serves both form and function; lets face it- its a little on the sexy side, and the slim size means it will fit perfectly in even one of my smallest clutch bags. Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs indicates the Iphone is “a revolutionary and magical product that is literally five years ahead of any other mobile phone.” A “magical” phone? Sign me up!!

The only thing that causes a bit of apprehension for me is the price. The 8GB phone has a sticker price of $599. As much as I love new, trendy gadgets, the GF is a cautious consumer. The kinks will seriously have to be worked out before I plop my $599 down for this thing. Plus, look at all the other things I could buy for less than the cost of this phone.

Courtney Crawford shoes, on sale for $399 @ Intermix

Nicole Young Penelope Dress approximately $320 @ Intermix

Isabel Fiore bag, $395

For more details on the Iphone click here:
Apple Iphone

Giambattista Valli Special Edition 7373

For my techno-savvy fashionistas who firmly believe that form, should always be met with function, I introduce the new Nokia 7373 which was designed by Giambattista Valli and will make it’s debut during Paris fashion week.

The phone will only be available in select European countries and will be sold for 280 euro (approximately $370 US. I wonder when it will be available stateside…


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