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by Lisa

You may know that the GF is a Baltimore girl, true and through and though I have lived and loved other places, my hometown is near and dear to my heart. This morning as I was tuned into the Today show, I nearly choked on my coffee when I heard that the cast of the infamous “Jersey Shore” commands 10,000 per episode with two of the most ridiculous cast members- “The Situation” and Snooki commanding a rumored $45K.

While there are SO many things wrong with the cast of the Jersey Shore garnering that much money, I started to consider what would a show about my fair city look like? Who would round out the cast of characters to create buzz, and allow them to demand ridiculously high salaries? Would we dedicate an entire episode to who has the best crabs, best chicken boxes, best Lake Trout? What would the content look like- and more importantly would it be real?

So many reality shows are scripted and cast within an inch of their lives; I would want a show about my hometown to be authentic with real people, real issues and in the words of my baby brother- showcasing the gift and the curse that is Baltimore.

All That Glitters- SATC2 Party 5/22/2010

If you cannot already tell, I am a HUGE Sex and the City Fan. I’ve been thinking about what ensemble I will wear to the movie premiere, and I have been waiting with bated breath for the fashionable eye-candy that the actual movie promises to deliver. Some of the preliminary photos from the film feature designs from Patricia Field which I am certain will be on trend for many months to come.

This weekend, if you’re in the DC, Maryland or Virginia area, come celebrate the release of Sex and the City with the ALL THAT GLITTERS Soiree. In addition to the opportunity to win a GLAMOROUS photo shoot with celebrity photog Roy Cox, Catandaa J will be beautifying you from the inside out with a make-over for the shoot!

Come dressed as your inner Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, or Miranda for the chance to win fabulous prizes.

The GLAM’d bar also offers up the opportunity to get your *Face Beat* by some of the area’s most renowned makeup artist.

ALL THAT GLITTERS promises to offer up premiere networking with DC’s fashionistas, Makeup artists and image makers!!

Here are the details:

All that Glitters 6-10 pm

Recess Lounge

727 15th St. NW (G & H Sts. NW)

Washington, DC 20005. Phone: 202-637-7667 OR

Call: Cataanda J 269-217-7973

DC Shopping Event! Monif C.

by Lisa

Okay ladies, if you have been seriously wanting to try curvy fashionista designer Monif C’s gorgeous designs, but you’re reluctant to order from the web site, or you haven’t been able to make it to NYC, here’s your opportunity to check out the designer in DC!

Monif C will be hosting a shopping event on Saturday, May 22nd. You MUST RSVP to for location details.

Until then, check out the video of the Marilyn convertible dress.

The Sweeter the Juice

by Lisa

I know many people who feel very strongly about white or red wines. I am a certified wine snob (at least in my mind) and as such, my preference runs to GOOD wine, versus a particular type of libation. In spite of my openness to either red, or white, I do tend to prefer sweeter wines.

One of my dear friends just introduced me to Muscadine, a wine that can be found in North Carolina, or your local wine store.

Here’s a review:

“Duplin’s famous red muscadine wine smells of sugar, berries and dry clay, while not overly complex, the sugar and alcohol are balanced well on the nose. In the mouth the wine has good weight and an intense flavor of Cherry Kool-aid with a heavy amount of sugar, without being syrupy. The fruit flavors of this wine are strong but do seem slightly artificial. This wine is a crowd pleaser, and would be well received by anyone who is a fan of sweet or muscadine wines. This wine has just enough tannins to balance the sugar and make it easy drinking. This muscadine wine is also a solid value at its price point.”



Glam Libation Thursday- Take Flight

Glam Libation Thursday- Take Flight
by Lisa

Are you interested in sampling a wide variety of wines? Then a wine flight is the ultimate way to experience a range of varietals or wines from a specific region. Wine flights offer a range wines and can include anywhere from 4 to 50 wines for sampling.

You can find a wine tasting/flight at many restaurants, vineyards, or tasting bars, and a good flight should include some educational component.

Restaurant flights usually offer 3 wines to sample to accompany your appetizer, main entrée, and then conclude with a dessert wine.

Here’s   a sample wine tasting menu.

Bon Appétit!

Georgetown Cupcakes

by Lisa
I fell in love over the weekend. I mean truly, madly and deeply in LOVE. This past Saturday the temperatures in the DMV ( DC, MD, VA) hit 76 degrees, a temperature that makes it near impossible to sit in the house especially given our harsh winter where we saw somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 plus inches of snow… Anyway, I digress, my romance began with a trip to Georgetown to enjoy the people, sites, and of course get a little high-end retail therapy.  It was a day for walking and as the official first day of spring, the perfect back-drop to begin this love affair.

I was deterred by my new lover at first, because there were many people who had been there before me, and I was demure about being added to a long list of former lovers. When I arrived at the doorstep, the line was almost around the block! I would not be deterred, I had come this far (I drove from Baltimore!) and I refused to turn back. I waited patiently, growing more excited the closer I got to meeting my new love. Georgetown cupcakes- is my new lover, and my affair began with salted caramel, chocolate ganache, and berry lemon cupcakes. I am planning a trip again for Thursday- because that’s when they feature Key Lime.

Preparing for the First Lady Exhibition (video)

Earlier this week I reported that Michelle Obama donated her iconic inauguration gown to the Smithsonian, here’s a behind the scenes look at the preparation for the exhibit. ( thanks Jessica!) If you have plans to be in the DC area- check it out!

National Museum of American History – Smithsonian Institution
14th Street and Constitution Avenue

Washington, DC

Spring Wine Festivals in MD

by Lisa

Spring has almost sprung- and if you didn’t get the memo, you will need to set your clock forward by an hour on Saturday, March 13th. With the increase in temperature comes sandals, sundresses, and one of my favorite spring activities- wine festivals! The Maryland area boasts close to 40 different wineries, and the majority of them will be represented during one of the largest and premier wine festivals- Wine in the Woods which kicks off May 15-16, 2010 in the Symphony Woods in Columbia, MD

Wine festivals provide the perfect opportunity to sample a variety of wines, from a number of different vineyards, and as the temperatures begin to soar, consider gathering up your friends, and make an outing out of it!

Here is the schedule for upcoming Wine Festivals in Maryland so mark your calendars:
Maryland Wine Festivals

Las Vegas is Haute!

The GF has just returned from weeks of travel, work, fun, and family obligations had me everywhere from Seattle, to Atlanta and most recently Vegas! I seriously LOVE Sin City… the temperatures soared in the low 100’s for the entire week, however the fabulous dining, and shopping options more than compensated for the weather- dry heat my ass! In spite of spritzing my way through two bottles of Evian spray, I LOVE the city.

My Honey- do and I stayed in the Wynn, directly across the street from Fashion Show Mall. The hotel is gorgeous in its own right, but it’s the fashionable clientele that increase the cool factor. People were dressed to the nines, and I loved being able to pull out my best drag and stroll through the casino like the fashionista I fancy myself to be.

I also loved, loved loved the pool! (Who knew that Louis Vuitton, and Gucci bags were the de rigueur at the pool?)

Not only were the rooms spacious, and well stocked, the hotel boasts a Louis Vuitton, a fabulous shoe boutique- Shoe In that featured everything from Brian Atwood to Valentino.

The foodie in me was completely satisfied by the culinary delights offered both at the Wynn and the sister hotel Encore. Our first night we had a taste of the Far East, dining at Wing Lei… I am probably going to have dreams about the Peking duck salad- YUMMO! We also had the best drinks at Society Café. Not only was the décor delightful, the strawberry mojito’s left me feeling completely mellow.

Beyonce and her alter-ego Sasha Fierce is closing out her tour in Vegas, performing at the Wynn and trust, the hotel was “Beyonce Central” Many of the boutiques featured the House of Dereon collection, and I bought the cutest T-shirt- “Diva is a Female Version of a Hustla”!!

I could go on, but my recommendation is just GO! Vegas is waiting…

Preakness Chic

Baltimore is home to the second leg of the triple crown- The Preakness… your ultimate accessory for the races? Why a hat of course!

Here are some of my favorites.


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