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NY State of Mind- Weddings!

One of my BFF’s is getting married next month and I have had the pleasure of making several trips to NYC to assist her as she prepares for her big day. Girlfriend is a complete shoe whore, so imagine how challenging it has been for her to find shoes! RK Bridal and My Glass Slipper […]

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The soundtrack of my life- ‘wedding’ favors

As many of my readers know, my honey-do and I just renewed our wedding vows. The ceremony was lovely, the food at the reception was truly delectable, and I enjoyed spending time with some of my nearest and dearest friends and family. After the dust has settled, and I am fully encompassed back into the […]

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Wedding Shoes!

Many of my regular readers know that I am renewing my wedding vows in November so I am on a hunt for a dress, shoes etc. The GF is far from traditional, and because vow renewal is NOT a recreation of a wedding, I am looking for items that are whimsical, fun, and fashionable. I […]

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The GF is getting married- again!

So my husband proposed to me this week, and I’m getting married to my honey-do again. I am super excited about the prospect of renewing my wedding vows. I am blessed enough to have married my best friend, and in honor of our friendship, and love we have decided to rededicate ourselves in front of […]

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LaDonna and Darnell Jump the Broom

“Today throws a wedding” featured the wedding of my soror LaDonna as she jumped the broom into wedded bliss with her honey do Darnell. The bride was resplendent in a Priscilla of Boston gown. check out the ceremony below

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Beyonce Says " I do"

The former Destiny Child front woman recently walked down the aisle with her Boo… pictures of the nuptials have been hard to come by, so I came up with some possible looks for the diva’s wedding day.

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Bridal Fashion the Target Way

The GF is truly addicted to Target (Tar’jay). I honestly feel like there needs to be a $50 admission fee to the store because no matter what I go in to buy, I get sucked into some type of vortex and end up spending a minimum of 50 bucks. Hence my theory about them charging […]

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